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Universal approach simplifies prescription of safe transfer

One thing is certain in prescribing solutions to enable clients to safely transfer, their needs are going to change, meaning a change of equipment and all its associated disruption and cost.

AAT GB, the stairclimber people, have designed a bespoke, innovative solution, unlike anything else available in its sector.

The Universal Back is mechanically mounted onto the AAT Smax or Sella stairclimbers, and forms an integral part of the unit, rather than being strapped to it.

The adjustability of the Universal Back means that one accessory ensures any passenger can be safely transferred up and down stairs, be they the smallest child through to a bariatric adult. The adjustability goes beyond accommodating size. It can be precisely adjusted for lateral and vertical, forward and backward support, and even accommodate thoracic asymmetry. Harnessing provides further support if necessary.

The flexibility of the Universal Back mean that when added to an AAT stairclimber, the stairclimber can be re-issued to any user, young or old, large or small, without the need to specify alternative and additional accessories. Delivery of a safe, appropriate transfer solution  is expediated.

AAT powered mobility stairclimbers ( are in essence a slimline wheelchair with battery powerpack, that smoothly and safely propels the passenger up and down stairs using advanced kinematics, with minimal effort from the operator. A single charge of the batteries executes up to 300 steps and over all common floor surfaces. When not in use, they be folded compactly away, thus eliminating any stairway disruption or other members of the household.  The Class 1 Medical Devices can accommodate most common stairways, including narrow, curved or turning- even spiral.

AAT is the only national provider of stairclimbers and support equipment. Its nationwide team of specialists can work alongside the Occupational Therapist to assess- free of charge, and with appropriate health & safety measures- the suitability of a stairclimber for the property, the client, and their carer(s).  AAT can manage the whole process, from specification of any additional accessories if needed, supply of the equipment, and training of the carer who will operate the climber, ensuring a correct and safe solution.

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