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We are all accustomed to paying tribute to the valuable work of our NHS staff but unfortunately our care and support workers do not always get the public recognition they so rightly deserve.

There has never been a time when our frontline workforce has demonstrated such extraordinary dedication, compassion and selflessness, coming together in the face of unparalleled adversity.

Be it in a care home or community care setting, we are seeing incredible individuals and teams going above and beyond to ensure old and vulnerable people in our society still receive care and support during the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

Our unsung heroes are playing a crucial role in supporting the Department of Health and Social Care with containment and management of the virus for old and vulnerable people.

That is why we want to give the sector, and more importantly the wider public, the opportunity to say thank you to social care and support.

We want to  provide a platform and equip people who work in care and support, their service users, families and the wider public to say thank you to social care. 

Hep us spread the word!

Please help us spread the word. We have created a range of free images for social media and posters for care and support workers, care providers and partners to the sector.

Please download the files below:

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  • Via social media using the attached twitter postcards and personalised posters
  • Send us your stories of how your staff have gone and above and beyond in the face of this crisis. We will promote these stories for you.
  • Ask family members to send video messages of thanks and post on social media
  • Don’t forget to use #ThankYouSocialCare in your posts

Let’s galvanise support, raise the profile of social care and support and get the British public to say thank you.



A national conversation for the social care workforce  #GoodToTalk

“COVID-19 has had a huge impact on us all and not least the care workforce who have worked tirelessly in often difficult circumstances to deliver high quality care and support to people in our society. The Care Provider Alliance welcomes the
Good to Talk campaign as an important vehicle to encourage peer to peer support and open conversations within the care workforce. This should provide an opportunity for staff to share their experiences to allow the healing process
from COVID to take place.”

Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance 

The benefits of peer to peer support have been widely documented. Evidence shows by speaking out and being supported by colleagues can have a dramatic impact on mental health wellbeing – and that’s why Care Talk have launched #GoodToTalk

There is no doubt that the challenges of the pandemic have taken its toll on frontline care staff.  Social care professionals up and down the country have worked tirelessly in incredibly challenging conditions, putting the needs of the people they are supporting above their own.  We have seen many examples of bravery and resilience, with some care workers leaving their families to move into the care home where they work to keep residents safe. 

These challenges, together with lack of PPE and staff shortages due to self-isolation, have all had an impact on wellbeing.

Care workers form strong bonds with service users and when someone dies there is a sense of loss, but without time to grieve this can also have a detrimental impact on mental health.

#GoodToTalk aims to support care staff with their mental health during and following on from Covid.

We want to create a National Conversation amongst care staff, encouraging peer to peer support and allowing the healing process from Covid.

Care workers are, by definition, Caring. We already know that teams support one another on a daily basis both at work and outside.  We also know that a culture of caring for carers exists with care providers and we have seen some fantastic examples of how care providers are supporting staff with good mental health.

Through regular features in Care Talk we want to encourage the importance of peer to peer support and having a national conversation.

Please do send us your positive experiences of promoting wellbeing at work to and share your positive experiences on social media through #GoodToTalk.

Movement for Improvement:  A new campaign to promote Nursing in Social Care

 “There is a real concern that nurses working in social care often don’t have access to the same support or professional development opportunities that exist in the NHS. It’s imperative we all work together to ensure they have the right level of support to help them thrive and flourish and continue to make a difference in their local communities”  Andrea Sutcliffe CBE, Chief Executive and Registrar for Nursing and Midwifery Council *

Movement for Improvement (MFI) is a new initiative from Care Talk, with the aim of creating a cohort of social care nurses to share good practice and improve outcomes for people in receipt of services.  

The forum will bring together past social care nurses, finalists and winners from The Great British Care Awards, aswell as nurses from the wider sector.

The pandemic has further highlighted the already existing disparity in the sector and this initiative is the opportunity to drive forward to tackle the inequity Nurses in social care face.  

Nurses’ positive experiences and career choices are often overlooked in social care.  MFI aims to support nursing colleagues to receive the right support and development, building on skills, knowledge,  quality and innovation with shared ideas and goals.

By joining this initiative, you can be part of this much needed change, motivating and empowering Nurses in social care and highlighting the rewarding career that is much more than just a Nurse.

Register for our free online event with Professor Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse Adult Social Care.  20th April 2pm – 3 pm

*Care Talk magazine April 2021

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