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Closing the Loop with Action Plans – Introducing Perfect Ward 3.0


Following extensive engagement with its growing user community, Perfect Ward has announced the release of Perfect Ward 3.0 with two major new features to support all staff across health and care settings:


  1. Enhanced action planning capability – the new action planning capability empowers front line staff to take ownership of quality and patient safety through the ability to identify, track and fully resolve actions in real-time. At the same time, the dynamic organisational overview now provided by v3.0 provides healthcare managers with reassurance and evidence that actions are being effectively and comprehensively addressed across the organisation on a timely basis. The design of the system is a fresh approach as it enables colleagues to share best practice and celebrate achievements in driving change.


  1. Upgraded web portal capability – with a focus on simplicity, Perfect Ward’s new web portal provides easy access to data via a desktop, so users can review and manage actions in a fast and efficient manner.


Oliver O’Connor, Chief Product Officer at Perfect Ward commented, “Our product strategy centres around innovating to unleash the potential of people working in health and care. Our aim is to make it easy to improve quality and enhance the experience of patients or those in need of support or care. For v3.0 we have worked closely with our customers to design a solution that will truly involve staff in the quality process, inspiring them to take control of their own actions, to achieve better patient outcomes, learn from each other and boost organisational performance. The upgrade to the web portal is also an important step in helping health and care managers close the loop on actions in a timely, efficient and effective manner. Following the significant investment by Octopus Investments in March of this year, this is an exciting step in our mission to create the easiest to use, most reliable quality improvement and assurance tools, delivering the best insight to the world’s health and care professionals.”

Other features in the latest release include a new Notifications Centre, offering connection to important information, new draft expiry notifications, a clear view on current inspection schedules, and other items designed to place insight and control at users’ fingertips.


Perfect Ward 3.0 is now available. To find out more:

Existing customers please email

For all other parties, please visit  Action plans | Perfect Ward  To watch the video




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