Social Care Top 30

Who’s the top of the social care charts?

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Nominations for 2021 now closed

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Social care needs strong innovative leadership more than ever at this time.  The Social Care Top 30 will give the opportunity to showcase and recognise real leadership and excellence in the sector.

We are looking for individuals who are influential movers and shakers in the social care sector, with a national platform, CEOs and other sector leaders, including:

  • People who have the vision to improve developments and outcomes in the sector
  • People who have made a significant difference in our sector
  • Someone who is a strong leader in their field to improve services
  • Key influencers and decision makers in the sector

We asked Care Talk readers to vote online for the individual they think should be number one in the top 30 chart.

Finalists and guests will be invited to a dinner at The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London 27 October 2021., London 27 October 2021, where the overall winner of the Social Care Top 30 will be announced.

Join top leaders and decision makers in social care!

Also to be announced at the Social Care Top 30 gala dinner:

The Winners of the Social Care Leadership Awards  

Key influencers representing:

  • Care Home Leader/Executive
  • Home Care Leader/Executive
  • Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Workforce Development Leader
  • Quality Assurance Leader
  • Lifetime Achievement

View the Finalists HERE

Nominations for 2021 now closed

The Winners of the Premier Supplier to Social Care Awards 

Key influences from:

  • Banking & Investment
  • Consultancies
  • Infection Control Products
  • Legal Services (Public/Transactional)
  • PR & Marketing
  • Property Agents
  • Recruitment
  • Technology
  • Workforce Development

View the Finalists HERE

Nominations for 2021 now closed

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