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Care hotel frees-up NHS beds during pandemic

In a UK first Hilton Nursing Partners, in partnership with West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Kent County Council, and Salomons Estate Hotel, have set up a ‘care hotel’ to free-up much needed NHS beds for those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The patient discharge and home recovery company, Hilton Nursing Partners approached the partners’ with their innovative concept, a direct response to patient safety requirements in a move to maintain uncompromised focus on the recovery of the frail and vulnerable away from high-risk environments.

Hilton Nursing Partners submitted their proposal to West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Kent County Council. Throwing protocol to one side an agreement was secured within four days – an extremely quick decision for health and social care commissioning.

Ann Taylor CEO of Hilton Nursing Partners says: “It’s absolutely imperative that the NHS have the free beds they require during this health crisis. We know there are patients in hospital beds that really shouldn’t be there; the discharge process becomes delayed resulting in a Delayed Transfer of Care for patients.

“Our role has always been to alleviate the delayed transfer of care process. By assessing patients and managing that discharge process, our ‘at home’ patient recovery service ensure the NHS have the spare beds it requires. Now as a matter of national urgency we recognised the need for a workable solution where we all, health and social care, pull together to pull through this adverse situation we are faced with.

“We really had to think about how we could not only free beds, but keep our patients and staff safe. Bringing everyone together in one safe place the Care Hotel, ensures we can maintain the quality of care we are use to providing and minimise the risk of exposure to infection, and the dangers of Coronavirus.”

Minimising exposure to infection the safe place of Salomons Hotel is now an operational Care Hotel. The Victorian mansion in Tonbridge Wells will be managed and staffed by Hilton Nursing staff to minimise patient infection and maximise recovery during the coronavirus epidemic.

The operational management and care delivery will be managed and delivered by Hilton Nursing, 24 hours a day seven days a week, in a controlled environment free from visitors with the sole purpose of supporting ongoing patient assessment and successful recovery.

Whilst at the Care Hotel every comfort will be offered. From delicious meals, to laundry, and access to outside space, Hilton Nursing will place great care in maintaining an environment that is comfortable and as normal as it can be outside of a patient’s own home. Maintaining contact with family members technology such as email, video call or phone calls will be freely accessible to ensure all patients stay in-touch with family and friends during their stay.

Ann Taylor, CEO of Hilton Nursing Partners commented: “We are delighted that West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group and Kent County Council have agreed to our care hotel proposal so quickly. The ethos of Hilton is about getting patients home as soon as possible and supporting their recovery to enable that. We recognised that continuing with our traditional model of care during the current crisis would result in a bottleneck, and risked rationing of care. These are exceptional times requiring exceptional measures. The owners of Salomons Hotel have gone out of their way to make this concept work. It is a tribute to their sense of community that they have made the site available to us at no cost, an extremely commendable gesture that will help us maximise the support we provide, while ensuring patients are in a safe environment.”


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