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Celebrating excellence – A Judges perspective

Karolina Gerlich
Proud to be a Darer and NACAS Director

There are a few days in everyone’s life that we can remember very clearly, with a lot of emotion, that impact our futures rather deeply.  For me, one of those days was judging at the national finals at the Great British Care awards recently in Birmingham.

I was honoured to be accepted as a judge for such a great event. I often say that media and society seem to only focus on the very negative examples of poor and sometimes criminal care delivery. I am always very happy to see positive campaigns, media coverage and initiatives that promote people that deliver great care.

The day was cold, cloudy and wet outside which quickly ceased to be important. Meeting the amazing national finalists warmed my heart and soul and left me with a smile on my face for the whole day.

I was in awe of the people that I was privileged to speak to.  I spent the whole day talking to many people that dedicate their lives to providing outstanding care, go way beyond the call of duty and at the end of it say, “I don’t even know why I am here, I am just doing my job.”

The thought and determination these people put into working out what makes the people they look after tick – what makes them happy, fulfilled and satisfied – is above and beyond what is expected of them. The extra time and effort they put into making every day special and full of happiness and smiles is extraordinary.

I met carers that overcome their own difficulties and limitations to improve the care they provide; carers that provide care at work, and voluntarily after-hours, supporting people that need care, their families and friends; those that spend nights painting halls to make a care home more cheerful; carers that educate young people about interacting with people with dementia and help them become friends; carers that let people in need into their own homes to help them and ones that get to know people they work with so well that they help them achieve things that nobody else would imagine possible.

I spoke to care managers that let their clients take risks so they can have amazing experiences and ones that ensure that the community around their facility is well informed and entertained at parties and barbecues.

I was privileged to meet people that care with all their hearts and that cry when they lose a resident, get angry when unnecessary barriers are put in their way and people that smile a beautiful smile when talking about their work.

Hopefully one day we will all learn from them and such amazing levels of care, compassion and personalization will be a common occurrence – something we should expect from every care provider and worker.


Karolina Gerlich

Proud to be a carer and NACAS director



Want to Judge for The Great British Care Awards or The National Learning Disability & Autism Awards?  Email info@care-awards.co.uk


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