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When Gareth met Arnie

Gareth Bevan, has ‘(Total) Recalled’ meeting his hero, film legend Arnold Schwarzenegger during a trip of a lifetime to Los Angeles.

It was the superfan’s dream to go to LA to see the sights, visit the famous film locations and he also had everything crossed that he would meet the movie star.

He was supported on the holiday by his Torbay based Shared Lives South West carers Marc and Chrissie Walpot, who talked to everyone they met in the hope of making Gareth’s dream a reality.

They went on a ‘star tours’ bus around the streets where the rich and famous live and they talked to the tour organiser about Gareth’s quest to meet Arnie. They were then pointed in the direction of Gold’s Gym, which is where the action hero trains.

There they ran into couple Brad and Steph Rowe, who also work out at the famous gym.

The Walpot’s and Gareth chatted to them about why they were in town and they made some calls and they were told there was a chance that Arnold, AKA The Terminator, may well be in the next day.

“We were up really early, it was still dark, There were no guarantees we would see him,” said Marc.

“We were there for a little while and were told he was on his way.”

Arnold walked in and Gareth was thrilled to shake his hand and have a photo with him.

“I was very excited, I love him, he’s amazing,” he said.

“He looked tired, that’s because he works so hard.

“We waited for him to come out afterwards too and got another photo with him on his bike.”

Marc said they were really lucky to catch the superstar as just a day later there were news stories about him skiing in Austria.

“We are really thankful to everyone who helped us out to make it happen for Gareth,” added Marc.

“This was Gareth’s holiday and it was all about him doing what he wanted to do.”

The family stayed in Los Angeles for six days cycling on a tandem 26 miles and taking in the famous beaches and scenery.

“We saw where they filmed True Lies and the canal parts from Terminator 2, which Gareth loved,” said Marc.

“We also went to find Arnie’s Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame and went to Beverly Hills and Bel Air. It’s a different world.”

Much to Gareth’s delight, they also went to a body builder expo just outside Los Angeles and met big names including Shawn Rhoden AKA Mr. Olympia and  Zac Aynsley.

“With Gareth’s charm and personality, they wanted photos with Gareth and he loved it,” said Marc.

The family are now back in their Paignton home and planning on trips to Spain and Holland to see family.



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