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The Key Safe Company Sends Waves With ECG Monitor

With strokes being the second leading cause of death in the UK and the number of sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) reaching the tens of thousands, The Key Safe Company has introduced WIWE to its portfolio of products.

The portable ECG device calculates if there is a risk of Atrial Fibrillation related stroke and SCA through a unique, intelligent algorithm, which evaluates the properties of the ECG wave detecting early warning signs.

Commenting on the launch of WIWE, David Ogden, managing director of The Key Safe Company said: “We have spent years listening to our customers about why they use our key safes daily, however, we have gained more than that. Our customers are also open with us about the health issues that they deal with daily and it’s from these conversations that made us look at alternative devices such as the WIWE.”

WIWE is a 1-lead lightweight, slim ECG device, which is roughly the size of a business card and this compact size makes it easy to carry around daily. The device is simple to operate as it has two electrode sensors the size of a penny where a user can place their thumbs or any two fingers to record a one-minute ECG reading while measuring blood oxygen saturation (SpO2).

The data is then analysed in the app and operates a traffic light system to highlight when action is required. In the centre of the device, there is a heartbeat etched into the device, which you can follow to show how much time is left on the trace. This commences and ends with a red light and the ECG trace can be seen in real time on the smartphone screen.

Following the measurement, the device then provides immediate feedback on the data collected and it can store over 50 recordings on the device, which can be transferred immediately to a medical professional via a more detailed PDF report.

David added: “Handheld 1-lead ECG devices, such as WIWE, can serve as an excellent way for people to routinely monitor their ECG for potential arrhythmias at home and determine if further follow-up with a physician is indicated. Several features of WIWE set it apart from other handheld and smartphone compatible ECG devices on the market today.

“For starters, WIWE is rechargeable and capable of collecting the user’s SpO2 and ECG at the same time. It can estimate the state of the user’s heart muscle cells through the Ventricular repolarization Heterogeneity (VH) parameter. WIWE also offers improved detection of Atrial Fibrillation through its evaluation of the user’s P wave on the ECG.”

WIWE’s app is available for IOS and Android devices and allows you to enter your biometrics such as age, height, weight and a few other statistics if you wish then the device is ready to use.

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