Help us spread the word and ask the public to say Thank you to Social Care and Support!

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We are all accustomed to paying tribute to the valuable work of our NHS staff but unfortunately our care and support workers do not always get the public recognition they so rightly deserve.

There has never been a time when our frontline workforce has demonstrated such extraordinary dedication, compassion and selflessness, coming together in the face of unparalleled adversity.

Be it in a care home or community care setting, we are seeing incredible individuals and teams going above and beyond to ensure old and vulnerable people in our society still receive care and support during the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

Our unsung heroes are playing a crucial role in supporting the Department of Health and Social Care with containment and management of the virus for old and vulnerable people.

That is why we want to give the sector, and more importantly the wider public, the opportunity to say thank you to social care and support.

We want to  provide a platform and equip people who work in care and support, their service users, families and the wider public to say thank you to social care. 

Hep us spread the word!

Please help us spread the word. We have created a range of free images for social media and posters for care and support workers, care providers and partners to the sector.

Please download the files below:

#TYSC Poster.docx
#TYSC Poster
#TYSC Poster.pdf
#TYSC square.jpg
#TYSC Twitter Postcard.docx
#TYSC Twitter Postcards 1.jpg
#TYSC Twitter Postcards 2.jpg
#TYSC Twitter Postcards 2a.jpg
#TYSC Twitter Postcards 2b.jpg
#TYSC Twitter Postcards 3.jpg
#TYSC Twitter Postcards 4.jpg
#TYSC Twitter Postcards 5.jpg
#TYSC Twitter Postcards 6.jpg

Download all the above files as a package HERE…

  • Via social media using the attached twitter postcards and personalised posters
  • Send us your stories of how your staff have gone and above and beyond in the face of this crisis. We will promote these stories for you.
  • Ask family members to send video messages of thanks and post on social media
  • Don’t forget to use #ThankYouSocialCare in your posts

Let’s galvanise support, raise the profile of social care and support and get the British public to say thank you.




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