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Michelle Hawkes

9th January 2016

“I do think that  Care Talk is really good magazine and I find a lot of the articles really...

Ben May

9th January 2016

“I’ve seen the magazine and I think the ‘look’ is really good. Also impressed with content:...

Maria Patterson

9th January 2016

“I think Care Talk is a great magazine and I hope it is proving to be a success, because it has the two...

Sally Knocker

9th January 2016

“Congratulations to Care Talk for a really lively and easy to read new publication.  Here at NAPA, we are...

Marie Walker

9th January 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed September’s issue. Very motivational and inspiring stories. Great to hear...

Polly Morgan

9th January 2016

“Central and Cecil think Care Talk is a fantastic new magazine for the care sector, packed with great...

James Clegg

9th January 2016

“As a new reader of Care Talk I really enjoyed reading the November issue,  it was a really accessible...

Rosalind Lukins

Country Court Care Group

9th January 2016

“It’s a brilliant publication, I love it! ...


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