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Care providers turn to app for Coronavirus symptom and tracking tools as users of Log my Care double

The number of care settings using Log my Care has doubled since the start of the year, as care teams look to technology to help manage their care planning and admin as well as the challenges of the pandemic.

Log my Care’s care app-based planning software enables care managers and carers to plan, record and co-ordinate care online, with all care tasks as well as details of service-users and staff stored securely in the cloud. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Log my Care has developed COVID-19 symptom tracking and track-and-trace tools specifically for care settings, which are free to all users.

Log my Care’s symptom tracking tool is designed specifically for care services to help monitor and detect early symptoms, alerting Care Managers and displaying critical information on a simple dashboard. Carers use the app to monitor breathing rate, temperature and other symptoms of the virus (e.g. coughing, temperature, loss of taste and smell). The care management system also shows which carers have been in contact with which service-users. In the event of an infection, a Care Manager can rapidly identify and trace contacts between staff and clients in their service, helping to identify and alert those most at risk. Care Managers can also keep track of what is happening in the care service remotely, which has become crucial for care staff who themselves have had to adapt to remote working conditions.

The care software is in use across hundreds of care services by thousands of carers, who in total have recorded nearly 30 million care logs. Log my Care has recently secured additional funding from RYSE Asset Management, the digital health and MedTech specialist investment firm, bringing its total raised to £1 million. The latest funding will enable Log my Care to build more tools to help digitalise and streamline care, as well as expand the number of users to reach thousands of care settings.

The core system of Log my Care and the tools developed in response to COVID-19 are completely free to use for all registered UK care homes and care agencies. Two optional premium modules with enhanced features are available for a monthly subscription.

Sam Hussain, Founder of Log my Care

Sam Hussain, Founder of Log my Care, comments:

“Again, and again, Care Managers have told us the most significant benefit of using Log my Care is the time saved on paperwork and administration, which has a big impact on costs as well as the quality of care that can be provided. Over the past few months, more care settings have contacted us as the need to streamline admin and access data remotely has become even more apparent. As care homes transition to going online, it is also clear that identifying COVID-19 cases early and reacting quickly is crucial in preventing further outbreaks, so we wanted to build tools that will help care settings do that at the earliest opportunity.

“Our focus has always been on providing Social Care with a system that is simple to use – leading to better quality data and insight, that is easily accessible and completely trackable. This has the potential to have a significant impact on standards and quality, as well as finances. Crucially, it frees up the carers’ time to do more of what computers will never be able to do.”

“Over the longer term, we want to support social care as it adapts to a changing world. Videoconferencing is an example of that change. Prior to COVID-19, we were already using it to help train any care staff that needed a bit of extra support. Whereas previously there was some reluctance, we are now finding care staff ready and adept in working that way. In a sector beset by challenges, the pandemic has fuelled the urgency to look for practical solutions.”

Dr John Lee Allen, RYSE Asset Management LLP, comments:

“We are delighted to be supporting the dedicated team at Log my Care in creating the future of distributed health and social care delivery. With a strong management team, and by empowering both staff and clients, this innovative company has provided important support to the care sector through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Log my Care is providing critical insights into how outbreaks can be managed by front line carers and care managers. As a healthcare sector specialised investment firm, RYSE Asset Management has an important role to play in supporting pioneering companies like Log my Care. By utilising our partnership with MedCity on innovation, and with support from our cornerstone investor Future Care Capital on policy and research, we are dedicated to improving health and care for both carers and patients.”


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