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Sled Dog Rescue Help Care Home Residents

Mary McEvoy with Shadow, one of the youngest of the Sled Dog Rescue Huskies that came to visit

Furry friends have been helping care home residents with dementia by providing company and cuddles.

Reach Sled Dog Rescue recently visited Stocks Hall Care Home in Skelmersdale, Lancashire to meet all the ladies and gentlemen living at the Home.

Reach is a sled dog rescue founded in November 2015 focusing mainly on Huskies and Malamutes. Its five founders are all experienced sled dog owners with prior experience in animal rescue.

The rescue relies heavily on the dedication of its community members with help fostering unwanted dogs, assisting with events and fundraising, as well as spreading the word concerning these unique and often misunderstood breeds.

These gorgeous dogs were able to visit those that wanted to spend time enjoying pet therapy, whether that be walking the dogs around the gardens at the care home or simply enjoying a cuddle from the comfort of their own bed or an arm chair.

Mark Clintworth, Activities Staff at the Home says “These gentle giants use their special skills to bring comfort to residents and take their work very seriously. Younger family members also came along for many cuddles, whilst spending quality time with their relatives.”

“It was just wonderful to see the faces of the ladies and gentlemen brighten up and their eyes sparkle.”

As the event has been so successful, Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group have now organised that the Rescue Dogs return on a monthly basis.

Mary McEvoy with Shadow, one of the youngest of the Sled Dog Rescue Huskies that came to visit.

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