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Rewards and responsibility: the crucial role of nurses in care

There are nearly 500,000 people living in care homes in the UK and despite the impact of Covid-19, the demand for care is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2021*. So it’s not surprising the demand for skilled nurses in care homes remains high. But there have long been unwarranted stereotypes about working in care that can be off-putting for trained nurses. Here we look at what care homes can offer nurses – and what they can give in return.

Unique challenges in care

Nursing in care offers different challenges to other fields of nursing. Here, nurses work more independently and invest time into the same patients, building up a close relationship with residents that’s crucial for their wellbeing. With 70% of care home residents living with dementia or severe memory problems*, nurses in care learn how to communicate and spot subtle changes in behaviour that could make all the difference to a resident’s outlook.

Skill and compassion

To meet these challenges, care home nurses need to be well-rounded, skilled and compassionate. They have to be able to make complex decisions quickly and are often the main point of contact for their patients’ relatives, making it both a sociable and sensitive role. Not only are general nursing and communication skills essential, but a good knowledge of governance, accountability and financial and legal obligations is also important – with care homes placing trust in the nurses they employ.

A rewarding career path

As a result, the care home sector is full of opportunity for nurses. The industry is vast, with over 20,000 care homes^ in the UK offering a range of different sizes and styles of care to choose from, and high demand means nurses can have a say in the setting they want to join. There’s also clear career progression in care, with natural steps up including to senior nurse or care home manager – providing rewarding goals and a clear promotional structure for nurses looking to make their mark.

Making a difference

As a career, nursing can often be overlooked. Even during the pandemic, nursing has not always been given the recognition it deserves. This is particularly – and unfairly – true with regard to the care sector. But working in care gives nurses the unique opportunity to forge close relationships with their patients and families, and help them pass on with dignity and grace. It is a vital and responsible role, which can make all the difference to people’s lives and legacies.

We understand the important role nurses play in care homes. Whether it’s monitoring medication, promoting continence care, or helping a resident pass with dignity, nurses are skilled and valuable members of your team. That’s why we offer care home insurance that helps protect your employees should anything go wrong. Because we understand how irreplaceable and important nurses in care are, we support the rewarding career path care homes can give them. 494 words

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