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Registered managers and nominated individuals urged to take part in new national research

Skills for Care is urging registered managers and nominated individuals to share their hard-won experience and ideas for improvement through a national survey.

Contrary to the often negative media reports, the first two years of the new inspection process found more than 90% of services getting good or outstanding in the ‘well-led’ area were rated good or outstanding overall. Registered managers and nominated individuals are central to this, but what else do we know about them and what they do?

Skills for Care wants to find out more about registered managers and nominated individuals who offer strong leadership day in and day out, delivering those high quality services working with the millions of people who access care and support across England. They want to find out what the common leadership themes are across the sector, more about their day to day experiences and what they need to improve themselves and their services.

Skills for Care’s CEO Sharon Allen said: “When you look at the research available on the backgrounds, motivations and skill sets of these key leaders you see we really need to know much more.

“Registered managers or nominated individuals know that staying up-to-date and sharing best practice is important, so filling in the research survey will help the sector do that.”

The survey can be completed at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CareRoles and closes on 27 October 2017. All responses will be treated in confidence and Skills for Care will not contact respondents unless given permission.

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