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The future is bright for newcomer Tayla

 Meet Tayla O’Brien, care worker at the Kedleston Group, a provider of residential children’s services which supports young people with social, emotional, and mental health difficulties.

Tayla joined the team at Vernon House as a waking night care worker.  When she first started, she was extremely timid and seemed very overwhelmed and wasn’t even sure if the role was going to be suitable for her.

Fast forward a few weeks and as her confidence grew she fast become a valued and respected member of the team. Flourishing through the training and support provided, Tayla’s unassuming manner allowed her to build fast and strong relationships with the children.

Tayla quickly demonstrated a natural ability to positively engage with the children, building balanced and secure relationships. Colleagues noted that she had a way about her that encouraged children to trust, talk and seek support. Such was the positive impact Tayla was having in the home, that her manager felt that she would be ideal to join the day team and were delighted when she agreed.

According to one team member: “It is early days in Tayla’s career in care but she has showed so much promise and we are pleased she chose Vernon House to work in as we believe she will be an excellent support to our children.

“Tayla has shown a natural flair for the role of care worker and is really thriving in supporting young people positively.”

Another colleague commented: “Tayla has supported the opening of a new home, which can be challenging even for the most seasoned of care professionals. Importantly, she has been incredibly open and welcoming to all the training provided as part of her induction and taking up the role. She is keen to learn so she can provide the best care and support for some of the most vulnerable young people in the country.

“She has formed fast and nurturing positive relationships and gone above and beyond to support not only the young people but also the management team at Vernon House. She is showing great promise for the future.”

Not surprising then that Tayla’s colleagues nominated her for The Newcomer Award at The National Children & Young People Awards, where she went on to become a finalist.  There is no doubt that the future is bright for Tayla!


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