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Shipdham Manor Residents Mesmerised by Galaxy Twirlers

On Saturday, 20th January, Shipdham Manor had the privilege of hosting the talented local Galaxy Twirlers, for a spectacular performance that left our residents enchanted.

The graceful twirlers showcased their exceptional skills, turning the lounge into a stage: with vibrant energy and mesmerising routines. Residents were treated to a display of breathtaking twists and turns that brought joy and excitement to all who attended.

Betty, one of our spirited residents at Shipdham, was so captivated by the performance that she couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. With a twinkle in her eye, Betty courageously got up and tried her hand at twirling, adding an extra layer of cheer to the already lively atmosphere.

The event was not only a delightful experience for our residents but also served as valuable practice for the talented members of Galaxy Twirlers. As they gear up for upcoming competitions, these young ladies put their heart and soul into every move, showcasing the dedication and passion that defines their performances.

“Having such a local group come into the home has been wonderful! These young ladies really know what they’re doing – we even had a few winners from the group.” Says Chelsea, Activities Co-Ordinator at Shipdham Manor. “They travel all over the country, with some even heading out to the Canary Islands to compete. One resident, has been speaking about the Galaxy twirlers nonstop since they came in. Everyone here at Shipdham Manor has been truly mesmerised by these young ladies’ talents. We are super excited to invite them back.”

As the Galaxy Twirlers embark on their journey to compete in various events, we extend our heartfelt wishes for success and good luck. We look forward to welcoming them back in the future for more dazzling performances that uplift spirits and create lasting memories for our residents.


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