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Safe live-in care during Covid

With primary caregivers feeling reluctant to continue over fears of infecting elderly dementia suffering parents, there has been an acute demand to fill the caregiving role. For many, placing them into care homes brings its own concerns over fears of higher infection rates, and the unease of a loved one being surrounded by a sea unfamiliar faces. This is where we at Country Cousins are determined to help you by offering standard, advanced and night time live-in care for all of your needs.

What is live-in care?

The live-in care sector has always held a vital role in the daily life of many people, providing them with social interactions and care which they may not be able to otherwise access. It means those who need specialist care can receive it in an environment they feel safe and comfortable in. Live-in care greatly reduces the COVID-19 transmission rates as our caregivers live at the client’s home with them, essentially forming their own safety bubble.

Safety of Country Cousins Live-In Care

As worries of transmission rates from external sources increase, the at home care has become a popular choice for many. Country Cousins’ live-in care infection rates stand amongst the best in the industry with a client’s chance of catching COVID-19 standing at just 0.1%, as visualised through a simple infographic. Compare this to the care home infection rate of 11%, live-in care is highlighted as the safest care option for the elderly.

At Country Cousins, the safety and health of our clients is paramount. We promise to meet and exceed their personal care needs, we will take extra precautionary measures and we will become the friendly, trusted face for them during a time when you aren’t able to visit. Hopefully giving you peace of mind knowing they are receiving the support they need, in the most secure way possible.


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