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Residents at Jubilee Court care home and students from Holgate Primary School meet up for pen pal club

Pen pals: Jubilee Court resident and Holgate Primary School pupil meeting in-person for the first time

Residents at Jubilee Court were thrilled to start a pen pal club with a selection of children from a local primary school, Holgate Primary, last month, and finally met each other face-to-face.

The children came to the home to enjoy some snacks and play games with the residents, and later in the week, residents from Jubilee Court visited the school to see where the pupils studied.

At Jubilee Court, the team recognise the positive impact that intergenerational relationships have on both adults and children, and actively encourage residents to take part in such activities. Intergenerational relationships have many benefits, including improving emotional wellbeing, giving a sense of purpose and excitement. There are also many opportunities to learn from each other. The home, based in Hucknall, is operated by Runwood Homes.

Residents and the children have been writing monthly cards and letters to one another, which has allowed them to develop a strong relationship with each other.

Deborah Mills, Wellbeing Lead at Jubilee Court, said:

“Letter writing let the residents express themselves, develop connections with younger generations and can help older adults feel a greater sense of fulfilment. It provides an opportunity for both young and old to learn new skills. It has been wonderful to see everyone meeting up and seeing the joy the new friendships bring.”

At Jubilee Court, wellbeing and community is at the centre of the home’s values


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