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Proud colleagues praise Covid Hero Krisztina

There was great cause for celebration as Bluebird Care Westminster & City of Londons’ Krisztina Korpas won the Registered Care Manager of the Year award at the 2021 London Regional Great British Care Awards – A hugely earned win!


The Great British Care Awards take place throughout the UK and celebrate excellence across the care sector. Every year, the prestigious awards pay homage to individuals and companies who go above and beyond in the care industry.


On Friday 19th November, Krisztina Korpas was crowned winner at the Hilton Bankside in London. A major award to receive, it commemorates the efforts of a manager who has demonstrated both a high level of expertise coupled with the skills needed to manage the complex and ever-changing environment of home care. With a vision centred around the delivery of exceptional care to customers and the progression and support of team members, Krisztina has epitomised all.


This award carries even more significance considering the challenges of the pandemic. With many throughout the care sector facing much uncertainty, strong leadership was pivotal to overcoming the challenges associated with COVID-19. And, at Bluebird Care Westminster and City of London, Krisztina Korpas did just this. Krisztina consistently put others’ needs and lives before her, prioritizing her staff and customers and shielding them when COVID-19 cases increase. She has shown incredible strength and resilience by dealing with the toughest challenges that have faced the company and customers.


The judges highlighted that Krisztina’s clear and concise response to the pandemic made a big difference to the lives of many, limiting the risk to both her team and customers from the outset. In addition to this, they also pointed to her universal presence throughout the business, including the coordination of PPE stock levels, manning the phone lines, and 24-hour support to the team and customers whenever they needed it.

As well as this, the panel also highlighted her continued commitment to improvement. While many would have neglected this given the circumstances, Krisztina remained committed to the progression of the business. Over the past 12 months, she has implemented an increased person-centred approach to care for customers and has worked hard with the team to bring exceptional and unique care plans to all.


Reflecting on her award win, Krisztina Korpas said: It’s a huge honour to receive this award. I always try my best to bring strong leadership and guidance throughout the business- it is great when this is recognised! The last few years have been extremely challenging, but together we have been able to overcome every single challenge. I’m privileged to work with an incredible team- all of us have rallied together and supported one another.”


Peter Slough, Managing Director of Bluebird Care Westminster and City of London, added: Krisztina has been tremendous for us at Bluebird Care Westminster and City of London. Not only has she supported every member of the team and customer, but she has always pushed to improve the business and the services we provide- her tenacity is unmatched. Congratulations Krisztina, you deserve it!


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