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Koalas reunited with their pandemic admirer

Fernlea House Resident at the Zoo

The most unlikely heroes of the pandemic live in Edinburgh Zoo and eat eucalyptus leaves. Three koalas, Tanami, Inala and Kalari, became celebrities in Fernlea House Care Home after they kept a resident entertained during lockdown.

Nina Christie watched the zoo’s live camera daily as she was interested to find out what happens in their lives. Her wish was to see the koalas in person once restrictions ended.

Staff recently took her and another resident to the zoo where they had a lovely day with the animals. They saw all manner of exotic creatures from across the globe, including lions, tigers and giraffes.

Fernlea House, which is part of the Holmes Care group, arranges regular activities as part of a weekly programme. The events provide residents with opportunities to stay happy and healthy.

Nina Christie, resident at Fernlea House Care Home said:

“I was always fond of koalas, but they gained a special place in my heart during the pandemic. Watching them go about their lives brightened my day.”

Diane Cathcart, Activities Manager at Fernlea House Care Home said:

“The pandemic was a difficult time for everyone, and Nina was a rock for the other residents. Her good spirits lifted everyone in the care home, so we have an immense gratitude for the cuddly creatures.”


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