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Birds of prey swoop into Basingstoke care home

Residents of Old Raven House, a Grade II listed care home in Hook near Basingstoke, were treated to an extraordinary visit from Colin Sutherland and his magnificent birds of prey.

The visit, which saw residents up close and personal with the majestic creatures, left a lasting impression, contributing to the home’s ongoing commitment to providing unique and stimulating experiences for those in its care.

Colin Sutherland, known for his passion and extensive knowledge of birds of prey, spent the day at Old Raven House, sharing fascinating insights about each bird. Residents were thoroughly captivated, hanging on his every word as they observed the birds perched gracefully on his hand.

The most thrilling moment came when Colin offered the residents the chance to hold a kestrel themselves. This opportunity saw no shortage of eager volunteers, with many taking turns to experience the unique sensation of a bird of prey resting lightly on their arm.

Specialising in both residential and dementia care, Old Raven House prides itself on offering a variety of activities and experiences designed to enhance the well-being and happiness of those who call it home.

Anne Turner, the manager of Old Raven House, shared her thoughts on the day: “Seeing the sheer joy and fascination on our residents’ faces was truly heartwarming. Colin’s visit with his birds of prey was not just an activity, but a meaningful experience that brought a lot of happiness and sparked curiosity among everyone here. It’s moments like these that enrich the lives of our residents, making Old Raven House not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.”


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