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Administrator Adam applauded by colleagues

A care home administrator at England’s largest not-for-profit provider of care and housing for older people has been shortlisted for a Great British Care Award.(GBCA)

Adam Woods, who works at Anchor’s Birkenhead Court care home in Birkenhead, was nominated for The Ancillary Worker award for his incredible professionalism and passion for the care sector.

Adam has long had a personal dedication to the care sector having raised funds for Dementia services since the age of 16. At Christmas, he helped organise 50 Christmas hampers for people living with dementia and their carers.

During his time at Birkenhead Court, Adam has been widely praised for his dedication to supporting his colleagues and residents in his administration role. Adam has consistently gone above and beyond during the pandemic, often taking on extra administrative duties at Birkenhead Court and also nearby Anchor care homes. On one occasion Adam volunteered to remain onsite at Birkenhead Court for two days to man a floor that was undergoing fire alarm repairs to ensure all the residents were safe and wouldn’t need to be moved from their home.

Along with his administrative work, Adam has also been of great service to the residents of Birkenhead Court and their relatives. In particular, he has taken the time to bond with residents personally to keep their morale up during the last year. In addition, he has also helped residents use iPads, Skype, and other technology services to arrange calls and conversations with relatives unable to visit them during the pandemic. Adam’s colleagues were keen to raise awareness of Adam’s work, and nominated him for a GBCA.

Having received his nomination, Adam was interviewed by GBCA judges and made the regional finals for The Ancillary Worker award. During his interview, the judges noted Adam’s personal dedication to supporting people with dementia as well as his extraordinary work ethic in his administrative role.

The regional finals will be held on in July this year.

Sharon Jackson, Adam’s colleague, and deputy manager of Anchor’s Birkenhead Court said: “This nomination is fully deserved, Adam is incredibly professional and is loved both by his colleagues and our residents as well!

“Adam is an incredible asset, not just to Birkenhead Court but the whole of Anchor Hanover. He fully represents our core values of Accountability, Respect, Courage and Honesty.”

Edith Squire, 92, a resident of Birkenhead Court, was also keen to praise Adam, saying: “Adam is brilliant, he really got to know me personally and you always feel like you can talk to him about anything.

“Thanks to Adam, I’ve been able to keep in touch with my family using technology which is really lovely given everything that’s been going on!”



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