Pushing against conventional models of care and support

Local authority commissioners are being encouraged to look at alternatives to traditional social care support, according to Think Local Act Personal (TLAP). 

The leadership organisation for personalised care today launches an online resource that has been developed to showcase innovative and community-centred models of support that improve people’s lives. 

Caroline Speirs, TLAP Head says: 

“Whilst I do not underestimate the scale of the challenge for councils to commission differently, I am thrilled that the case for seeking alternatives to traditional support arrangements is gaining legitimacy and momentum. Based on TLAP’s extensive knowledge of personalised care that focusses on people’s strengths and assets we are proud to have our part to play in this movement by contributing a practical digital resource for the sector”. 

Clenton Farquharson. Chair of TLAP

Clenton Farquharson, chair of TLAP and contributor to the building community capacity programme, says: 

“We want commissioners and providers to be inspired by all the creative providers in Innovations in community-centred support. They are examples of how people are being given the opportunity to enable a life not a service. I would therefore encourage anyone with lived experience to use the directory to see what’s possible and to start expecting innovative provision”. 

Christina Cornwell, Director Health Lab at Nesta says: 

“In our work supporting several of these innovations to develop and scale, we have seen the power of people coming together to share skills, support and friendship. We urge commissioners to use this resource to look beyond traditional care and support services and encourage innovative providers to help us grow the directory by sharing how they are supporting people to have a good life”.


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