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Precious Homes – driving quality in environments

Demand for services that are bespokely designed and developed, not just fitting the needs of the care market, but the individual needs of the people being supported is crucial.

Precious Homes is an independent care provider delivering a range of supported living, residential and outreach provision for individuals across London, The Midlands, Gloucestershire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Devon.

At Precious Homes the team put a key focus on environments and sensory needs, developed due to the complex needs of the people Precious Homes’ supports, including individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and behaviours that may be described as challenging.

Marek Lapham, Business Development Manager, explains: “With each new service we create, time is taken to explore the layout, environment and building regulations so we can work proactively. This includes creative and innovative design to make the best use of outdoor space and transforming existing buildings to maximise safety and space.”

Marek adds: “All our properties are purpose built to accommodate people who have behaviour which may challenge including sound proofing, window restrictors, temperature controls, guarded sockets, wiring, lighting and radiators and locks on doors.

“Our focus on creating innovative and fit for purpose services is evident with the recent opening of Red Kite and Merlin Mews in June: our first Gloucestershire services.” Says Marek.

  • Red Kite Court is a residential service comprising of six self-contained flats, each with access to communal living space which includes an open plan lounge, courtyard, activity room and hot tub. The service provides the beginning to an on-site care pathway leading to supported living and has been designed for individuals in transition or stepping down from hospitals settings.
  • Merlin Mews is one of Precious Homes supported living plus models – again with a mix of individual flats and communal living space. This service provides a stepping stone from residential to supported living – supporting each person along an individual care pathway.
  • The services also benefit from ‘Gabbiano Café’, providing opportunities for the people living in both services to develop work skills and confidence in a safe and structured environment.

Marek adds: “As well as new developments we’ve had a host of service makeovers and renovations over the past 12 months – understanding that innovative design and the right environment is the key to developing a successful and enabling placement for people with additional needs.

The team work during transition to look at any individual adaptations that may need to be made to accommodate people’s needs – working with social work teams, families and via Precious Homes own internal assessment team to inform the process.

An example is Verney Street in London, which opened in April 2019 with the development and creation of a unique and bespoke placement for an individual with severe Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Condition, complex physical health needs and high levels of behaviour which can challenge.

Marek adds: “For this placement we knew that creating an individualised environment for her was the key to a smooth transition – carefully considering what the individual’s perfect service would look like and then creating a bespoke environment shaped around her needs.”

Her flat has been adjusted to meet her needs fully. This includes rounded walls, full tracking, special hoists and an accessible bath. There are only three flats at the service and the space and calm environment is perfect for the person’s needs – including direct access to a large garden and an accessible communal space.

With projects being developed across regions it’s an exciting time for Precious Homes and recognition of the continued demand from commissioning and social care partners for fit for purpose, innovative and sustainable social care provision.

To find out more about Precious Homes services or to make a referral contact Marek Lapham or Will Oborne at 020 8826 4343


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