Together we can achieve an Outstanding sector

Zoë Fry OBE, Executive Director, The Outstanding Society CIC

Zoë Fry OBE, Executive Director, The Outstanding Society CIC

I want to start by busting a myth … You do not have to be outstanding to join the Outstanding Society, (OS)! Yes really, you just have to want to share and learn from others in the sector who are focused on being the best they can!

Who are we and what do we do…? Well, the OS was formed by a small group of providers who had, at the time, all recently achieved ‘Outstanding’ ratings following the introduction of the CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspection standard ratings in 2014. There was a general consensus between these providers that it would be beneficial to the adult social care (ASC) sector if services were able to share their expertise with other providers and support the driving up of quality across the whole of England.

In 2021 the OS was set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC). This was to provide a platform to share and celebrate best practice whilst helping others to improve and raise the profile of social care.

Our joint vision as Directors is to give providers FREE membership which allows free access to our virtual events, newsletters and podcasts. It provides a platform for all providers to access topical information and will also be a platform to celebrate innovation and share best practice.

Keep in mind The OS is totally run by providers, we know the challenges and we know that tackling them together makes it easier. Best of all it’s FREE. There’s no sales pitch to buy anything. We have sponsors who we appreciate and value and only work with if we think they are the very best there is.

So much of what we do, and do so well, is because of the diversity in the people we have in the team, from small independent operators to people who have worked in large groups and now run them.

With the recent press release for VIVALDI Social Care  with National backing what an exciting time it is for the sector. Reducing infections and improving lives is at the top of the agenda and it is research for social care led by social care – we are very proud to be leading on this with University College London, Care England the Home Care Association.

As if that wasn’t enough – The OUT STANDING DIVERSITY FORUM will work to foster inclusion for all diverse, socially mobile, and under-represented talent and residents working and using the ASC sector, and to promote inclusion and best practice in all facets of the sector by working to share and promote a space to learn, share from each other in order to create environments where the best talent can succeed and for the benefit of the people we care for.

One to watch out for is our Inaugural free virtual event for 2024 – Unlocking Excellence: Exploring the Components of an Outstanding CQC Rating Thursday, January 18th 13:00 – 14:30. We will explore examples of outstanding practice against the quality statements.

There’s much more to come – exciting learning around ESG (Environmental Social and Governance), plus new podcasts and attendances at the leading trade shows. It’s really worth getting involved no matter what your position, from CEO to the catering team we have something exciting for everyone. Go on, what are you waiting for… get involved… it starts with a simple click on https://theoutstandingsociety.co.uk/

The Outstanding Society is a Community Interest Company, free to all providers irrelevant of their rating. It is a platform to share and celebrate best practice, help others to improve and promote careers in Social Care.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you are Outstanding or want to achieve Outstanding, come and join us and together we can achieve an Outstanding sector.


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