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Prepare To Care

Michelle Shaw, Head of Care, Local Care Force
Michelle and team

During the pandemic, Local Care Force recognised that the care sector was being decimated with workers isolating or leaving care permanently. In response to this, we launched the ‘Local Care Academy’ and devised a ‘Prepare to Care’ training course, offering an introduction into the care industry and a new career path.  We are delighted that we are now celebrating our first official graduate Heather Tandy.

We quickly realised we had an untapped workforce of people who despite not having relevant experience, had the right attitude and passion for caring. All of whom could be supported by our team of nurses and qualified care trainers.

With our program of training, support and mentorship we weren’t only able to do our part in plugging the gaps with passionate carers, we were also able to support people in a new rewarding fulfilling career.

Heather Tandy, aged 53, had worked as a Customer Care Advisor for three decades – all of her adult working life – when she was unexpectedly made redundant at the height of COVID. She knew she wanted a total change in her career, but soon realised that every job she saw required experience that she didn’t have. Then she came across our advert for Local Care Force’s ‘Prepare To Care’ project.

Once she had met all the legal requirements and checks. Heather took part in zoom training, in person practical training and online course modules.

“It was the training and support offered that made me feel like this was the right choice for me,” Heather told us.

“The training was wonderful, I learnt so much and as I completed the programme, it all started to click into place”

Next up was to venture out into the real world of care.

Our Prepare To Care candidates also receive invaluable support from the care homes they are placed with.

For Heather, her greatest challenge was having the confidence to put her new skills into practice, and with the help of Local Care Force and her colleagues she feels she has been able to do this.

She told us, “The support I was given during those first shifts was invaluable and I felt my confidence grow every single day. There’s so much to learn, but it so rewarding. The best thing about working in care is, hearing peoples life stories and knowing that I can make a real difference.”

“To anyone else looking to take the leap into a career in care, just go for it. You can make a difference to someone’s life. You can make someone’s day, there’s such a wonderful comradery with colleagues and a bond with the residents you’re caring for. In your little, tiny way, you can absolutely make someone’s day better and that is so fulfilling.”

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