Placing female leaders at the heart of business operations

Kay Radford, General Manager, Visiting Angels South Yorkshire

Working in the social care sector is traditionally considered a ‘female’ profession. However, it is men that heavily dominate senior leadership positions1. It is vital for more women to be placed at the forefront of care organisations where they can be given the platform to flourish. In fact, 90% of employers that are inclusive have said that women have brought higher skill levels, enhanced the business’s reputation and improved overall staff morale2. In-home care provider, Visiting Angels, has ensured women are given fair and equal opportunities throughout its network.

Kya Safari, the Managing Director of Visiting Angels East Nottinghamshire, came to the United Kingdom from Gambia 20 years ago, and has since used her core beliefs and vast experience in the care sector to build a successful business.

“It’s vital that we take regular opportunities to appreciate the significant value that women bring to leadership roles,” said Kya. “I’m incredibly proud of what I do in my community as a leader and representative of the care sector. Every day, millions of women from all walks of life rise above impossible challenges. Being in this position with Visiting Angels shows how important it is for more women to take up leadership positions and to show what they can bring to the industry.”

Clearly showing you are willing to invest in people’s development instils confidence across a network. For this reason, it is important that companies have equal professional development opportunities. Magdalena Zieba, the Registered Care Manager of Visiting Angels West and South London, is proud to represent a brand whose ethos aligns with her own values.

“With nearly eight years’ experience in the healthcare industry, I’m so proud to represent Visiting Angels. The brand understands how important it is to support and show appreciation to carers. And it’s because of this that we can even say that the first carer that we ever employed is still working with us. We’ve put a lot of effort into creating an outstanding team of carers who represent our values, and this shows in the quality of care that they provide.”

None of what Visiting Angels delivers could be possible without its exceptional area development team, also made up of two female veterans of the healthcare industry who are now key figures in the brand’s success.

Bella Hallam is Visiting Angels’ Area Development Manager in the south. She has experienced the care sector from various positions of seniority and believes Visiting Angels’ progressive approach to how care should be both presented and received in the 21st century is setting the example in an industry considered to be in need of reform.

“I started working in care when I was 18. After gaining a lot of experience in various capacities, I came to a point where overseeing the launches of care providers in areas worked perfectly for me. This is where I came across Visiting Angels, which ticked every box. I’m proud to have been given a platform to use my experience and knowledge of care while also supporting people in launching their own businesses. With this experience, I make sure we recruit the right people. I have the freedom to give tailored support to care providers depending on their strengths which helps them to grow their business whilst maintaining exceptional standards for the Visiting Angels brand.”

If, like these inspiring women, working in the healthcare industry inspires and excites you, visit https://visitingangelsfranchise.co.uk/

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