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Leading the way in social care …Paula Beaney, Quality Assurance Director, Promedica24

Paula Beaney, Quality Assurance Director, Promedica24

The changing policy backdrop and increasing pressures on the social care system highlight the need for effective leadership. Even when putting the added pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic aside, each day we wake up ready to ensure the people we support receive the best possible care, and that our teams are fully supported in their roles to carry out their duties.

As a leader within social care, the onus is on us to inspire, motivate and empower our workforce to perform to the best of their abilities. It stands to reason then that the true mark of a good leader is the ability to bring out the best in people. We must draw out people’s strengths and skills and instil confidence in our teams to ensure every individual has the opportunity to develop in their roles. A good leader will draw on a wide range of people’s experiences, encourage people to voice differences in opinion, and ensure everyone has the support and structure in place to learn and grow in their careers.

Particularly in the current climate, where guidance changes by the minute, we must remain calm, controlled and transparent. If not, how can we possibly expect others to? A good leader will nurture an engaged, positive and collaborative workforce that strives to meet the highest standards of care. Happy employees don’t tend to look elsewhere for employment, and at a time when staff shortages are prevalent, the ability to keep staff engaged and happy is extremely valuable.

Within my own role at Promedica24, I create and uphold an open, positive and inclusive organisational culture in which my team members have the means to explore their full potential. My colleagues trust my judgement as a leader with over 35 years’ experience in health and social care. I endeavour to share what I’ve learnt with my team and encourage them to take responsibility and ownership of the vital work they do.

When I received the award for Quality Assurance Leader award, the first thing that came to mind was my colleagues at Promedica24. From the Registered Managers and Care Managers, the wider operations teams, support staff and our Franchise Partners, their expertise, willingness and dedication to the wellbeing of the people we support inspires me every day.

Central to our ethos at Promedica24 is a workforce that respects, trusts and values one another. We consistently provide exceptional care thanks to the teams’ collective efforts to continuously improve and embody our core values of being caring and responsive, having a positive approach and continually striving for excellence. An organisation is nothing without its people, and we make sure we find and hold on to the right people through our values-led recruitment.

Social care enables and transforms lives. Well-led services enable people to do the things they want to do, receiving the right support which improves their wellbeing and quality of life. I can see no better opportunity to make a difference in life than working in health and social care, and we as leaders must help our teams to see the value in the work we do. We have a duty to set the tone for how others should conduct themselves, and this remains important at every level, whether you work directly with people needing support or not.

I applaud all leaders in social care, who have continued to uphold the highest standards of care during the most challenging of circumstances. And to all the care teams keeping people safe across the country, your commitment to the wellbeing of those you support is an inspiration to us all.


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