Leading the way in social care

Fosia Sødring, Director, Solsken Limited

Finalist in last year’s Social Care Leadership Awards, Fosia Sødring, Director at Solsken Limited, a nationl provider of nurse-led care, provides insights on leadership in social care.

For me, leadership excellence in social care stands as a foundational element. Quality leadership is instrumental in fostering empowerment within teams. Good leaders cultivate settings where professionals feel esteemed, backed and driven. Prioritising staff development and well-being nurtures a dedicated team, committed to providing quality and heartfelt care.

At Solsken, we acknowledge the paramount importance of quality leadership, empathy, and unwavering dedication in our mission to deliver exceptional care and support, recognising that without these crucial elements, our capacity to ensure and maintain the highest standards of quality care becomes compromised.

My decision to found Solsken stemmed from witnessing the growing emphasis on financial gains at the expense of individual welfare and quality care within the healthcare sector. Reflecting on my time with other care organisations, I envisioned reshaping the industry, alongside a group of like-minded and passionate professionals. The mission being, “Let’s bring care back to healthcare”.

My leadership philosophy in the realm of complex care centers on empowerment. Having personally observed the insufficient support accessible to care managers and frontline personnel, my goal has been to establish and foster a nurturing ambiance at Solsken that not only acknowledges the challenges faced, but also actively empowers individuals at all levels to contribute to a more supportive and effective care environment. This involves attentively listening to my teams and fostering inclusivity in decision-making processes.

This leadership ethos trickles down, empowering the individuals we support to make informed decisions, championing their autonomy and fostering responsible risk-taking. We customise our care approach, ensuring it resonates with each individual’s unique needs. Such personalised attention holds immense significance, underlining our commitment to adaptability and attentive listening.

I am an advocate of leadership through personal example, championing straightforward values such as kindness, maintaining a cheerful demeanour, embracing honesty, and exhibiting integrity. Through embodying these principles in my own actions, it is my aspiration to serve as an inspiration for others to emulate these qualities and take up the helm of leadership roles themselves.

Nurturing and inspiring our rising stars and leaders of tomorrow is something I am passionate about. I champion opportunities for those demonstrating merit and this ethos continues to thrive in our teams. Numerous senior managers within Solsken commenced their journey as caregivers.

The acknowledgment and recognition of potential within our workforce not only serve as the foundation for professional development but also open avenues for various opportunities. Through a real understanding of the ambitions harboured by our frontline staff, we actively foster and nurture these aspirations, creating an environment where individuals can flourish in their roles and eventually emerge as the leaders of tomorrow.



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