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International Recruitment and ‘The New Way’

New arrivals from the Philippines February 2021

Building safe and sustainable travel pathways for internationally educated care professionals during the pandemic.


Aaron Briddon, Managing Director, BMB International Recruitment

Since BMB’s inception in 1998, there have been numerous changes to the global manpower industry due to political, socio-economic and immigration factors. In 2019, with staffing pressure intensified by Brexit, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) had indicated 10% of nursing positions in the UK were vacant and that 50,000 nurses would be needed by 2025. The drive for attracting care professionals has amplified due to Covid-19, whilst creating significant challenges for international recruiters.

As BMB continued to deploy care staff to the UK, one of our deployment of nurses were affected by governmental travel restrictions as they were readying to leave the Philippines in April of 2020. Ultimately this cohort arrived in September and went into their mandated quarantine organised by the BMB UK team before starting work. We have been able to continue to deploy our care staff globally throughout the pandemic, communicating closely with employers, consulates, the care staff and their families, airlines and accommodation providers in order to find effective solutions to meet clients’ needs.

“RCG have worked with BMB since the late 90s and have recruited over 1,600 nurses, carers and hospitality staff specifically suited to our industry needs. Their professional recruitment process, alongside ‘out of work hours’ support to aid settlement in the UK has been excellent. The whole recruitment process from start to finish has been to a very high standard and we now benefit from having a loyal, consistent and committed workforce who help us achieve our organisational goals whilst maintaining quality service.   The Covid situation had exacerbated staffing needs for the entire care industry. BMB were able to overcome immigration and travel restriction challenges on behalf of their staff and successfully placed 24 trainee nurses with Rushcliffe Care in the last 6 months. Through the support provided by BMB UK team and Rushcliffe Care Training, 20 RGNs have so far passed their OSCE and gained UK PIN since the start of the pandemic.    This essential support has ensured Rushcliffe Care was able to maintain outstanding levels of care to our clients without reliance on expensive agency staffing.” 

Karen Noon, Group Operation Director  Rushcliffe Care Group   

“The BMB team gave our group amazing support throughout 2020. We were scheduled to leave the Philippines in April but due to pandemic and lockdown, we finally left in September. With unwavering support from our employer, Rushcliffe Care Group, that provided us fantastic training, I passed my OSCE at The Northampton University in December and gained my NMC PIN in February.   I have processed my family’s dependent visa and they are coming over very soon. I will forever be grateful to BMB and Rushcliffe Care Group for being God’s instrument in fulfilling my dreams, not just for myself but for my whole family. ”  Razel Estiamba, RGN

Since Razel’s team started work in September, BMB have continued to deploy groups each month with added measures to ensure smooth transition with total processing time now just under 2 months.

Overcoming such adversity is a testament to the ongoing collaboration between BMB global offices and our employment partners. Added to this, the care staff have displayed outstanding professionalism to adjust to the ever-changing requirements and follow instructions provided by BMB of the most up to date government guidelines.

I would like to thank our teams, our employment partners and the fantastic care staff who have persevered during the last 12 months and have shown fantastic spirit in each of their achievements. By establishing safe pathways for travel and innovating throughout the pandemic, BMB’s clients are assured of more successes in the future.  

BMB will be hosting online recruitment fairs in May and June. To participate or to learn more about how BMB Recruitment can help you, call 0115 678 5986 or email info@bmbrecruitment.com for more details.


For over 20 years BMB have provided clients comprehensive recruitment services that leverage a broad network of highly qualified care professionals globally, facilitate visa processing services, English language and NMC application guidance, pre-departure orientation, booking air travel, pick up from UK airport and pastoral care services throughout. 


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