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A happy future for co-production

Cassie Vasey, Administration Manager, Happy Futures Support Specialists

In the realm of social care, the term “co-production” has emerged as a powerful concept, emphasising the collaborative efforts between professionals and the individuals they serve.

Meet Cassie Vasey, Administration Manager at Happy Futures Support Specialists in Scarborough, a supported living care provider who support individuals with a learning disability and autistic people.

Cassie has worked in Health and Social Care for over 20 years and during this time has been committed to promoting the power of inclusivity and co-production, to ensure that individuals, especially the most vulnerable in our community are involved in decisions about their care, experiences, and environment they live in.  Cassie strongly believes that inclusion isn’t just a buzzword but a guiding principle in every interaction with an individual to assist them with decision making.

At Happy Futures, inclusion and co-production is ingrained in all daily practices, to ensure that individuals express their views and contribute to their care and development of the service.  This is through the use of easy read social stories, PEC boards, information booklets and daily board planners in individuals’ homes as well as a Shadow Quality Group which Cassie created with the Business Unit Head, Registered Manager and an individual who is the co-chair of the meetings.

The Shadow Quality Group meet once a month and the meetings usually involve discussions and activities around a quality theme.  The agenda also includes the 5 CQC standards to ensure that the meeting is meaningful for all involved.   The group have co-produced the company’s Quality ‘I’ Statements, a document that confirms what the individuals expect from their support staff, and Happy Futures and how the individual wants to be involved in their care.  The document works alongside the Quality ‘We’ Statements which is an agreement from the company of what it will do to ensure that a high standard of care is given to the individual from all staff, whatever their role at Happy Futures.  The group also complete quality audits, create easy read information booklets, as well as organising events, such as a party for the King’s Coronation last year which involved a weekend of activities, afternoon tea and a gathering with family and friends.

Cassie’s passion and drive to ensure inclusion at every level of the organisation is truly inspiring to all around her. By cultivating an environment where differences are not just tolerated but embraced, Cassie and the team at Happy Futures create a sense of belonging and acceptance that is truly transformative.



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