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Sparkle for Social Care and TAP to shine a light on the nation’s care workers.

Sparkle for Social Care is teaming up with TAP (Thank And Praise), the social thanking platform, to highlight the value of the social care sector to society.

Sparkle for Social Care, launched in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown by the volunteer-led group Championing Social Care, highlights the incredible efforts of the nation’s 1.6 million care workers caring for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

During the pandemic, care workers across the country have shown an incredible level of selflessness and commitment, regularly putting those they care for ahead of their own families.

Despite this, according to the Institute of Health and Social Care Management’s Public Image of Social Care Survey (March 2021), 90% of those working in social care don’t feel that they receive the recognition they deserve.

A key priority for the sector therefore has to be to increase the recognition of social care, so that care workers receive the level of appreciation they truly deserve. Whether it’s for making a positive difference in their community, providing excellence in service improvement, going beyond expectations or for exemplary provision of care.

While Sparkle for Social Care is a year-round initiative, during July, it is partnering with TAP to elevate their social media campaign using the hashtag #SparkleForSocialCare to highlight the incredible work of care workers and to encourage people to show their appreciation by posting messages of support on TAP’s free-to-use social thanking platform.

“Our amazing care workers provide those they look after with a better quality of life every single day. Now is the ideal time to celebrate their contribution to society!” says Rebecca Woolley, Championing Social Care Director

“TAP’s digital thanking platform allows people to share messages of appreciation with care workers; it’s a simple thing to do but it can make a massive difference to how they feel,” said James McLoughlin, Director of TAP.

TAP’s free-to-use thanking platform is easy to use and messages posted on its Social Care Thanking Wall are shared with those being thanked. TAP has facilitated thousands of messages of thanks including heart-felt messages for care workers such as this one:

To: All Care Staff

“I want to thank all the incredible care staff who have led the way during this terrible year. They have delivered care with such compassion, dignity, respect and skill. They have also kept spirits high – throwing themselves 150% into ensuring those they support have had the best time they can during the pandemic. Through my work at NCF and Care Workers Charity, I know at just what personal cost this has been to the care workers. We must make sure that 2021 is not just a better year for social care, but a much better year for each and every care worker. Thank you all”.  Vic Rayner

Now is the ideal opportunity to show your appreciation to care workers by posting a message on TAP’s Social Thanking Wall

If you represent a social care organisation you can also benefit from TAP’s free-to-use thanking platform to help improve workforce wellbeing at an organisational level; register your interest at: www.thankandpraise.com/organisations

To register your interest in Sparkle for Social Care. Please visit: www.championingsocialcare.org.uk/sparkleforsocialcare


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