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Natural ability to care and a ‘sense of humour’ essential!

Jim Gillespie. CEO, Kibble

National child and youth care charity, Kibble, has launched a recruitment drive to find up to 50 experienced Child and Youth Care Workers, and has enlisted the help of young people at the charity. As part of Kibble’s overall interview process, young people at Kibble are involved in the recruitment panel which sees them get involved in asking questions and defining the skills and qualities of to select ideal candidates.

Finding friendly, caring adults that want to protect them and keep them safe was listed amongst the most important traits for the new recruits, while the young people also stated that they were on the lookout for candidates with a sense of humour, an interest in sport, trampolining and gaming.

Kibble is recruiting for up to 50 new Child and Youth Care workers and believes that it is important for the young people to be involved within the interviews for the team who will provide their care.

When asked what they would want from the new recruits, youngsters said that they were looking for candidates who would show that they care about them, are committed to the role, and will ask what’s wrong if they are upset while showing genuine care about the answer, as they stated that “sometimes that’s all it takes”.

The organisation is looking for applicants with experience in a care setting for a host of sessional and full-time roles within its residential children’s houses across Paisley and surrounding areas.

Kibble boasts an exceptional learning and development culture where staff are encouraged to gain further qualifications and training, resulting in the opportunity for care staff to progress to senior roles.

Kibble’s chief executive officer, Jim Gillespie said: “Kibble wants to be the best it can be and have the ability to help children and young people in the most effective way. By investing in staff development, we ensure we continue to have the capabilities that meet the everchanging needs of young people and advance further as the leading organisation in the sector.”

Kibble’s chief operating officer, Sinclair Soutar, started his career at Kibble as a sessional Child and Youth Care Worker. Soutar said: “It is incredibly important when looking for Child and Youth Care Workers that we involve young people. They know first-hand what they want and need from someone looking after them and we believe that they should help in choosing the care team.

“While experience and qualifications are of course important, finding someone that genuinely cares about giving our young people a chance at life and is passionate about being part of that journey is the trait that we look for most when it comes to growing our team of staff.

“We are looking forward to welcoming more Child and Youth Care Workers to Kibble.”

One twelve-year-old young person at Kibble said: “We are looking for people who we can have a laugh with but are also there to help if we need them. We want people who care about supporting us at home and at school. Our care staff actually listen to us and that’s really important – hopefully we can find some more people like that.”


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