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Making it easy to adapt

A new briefing paper from the House of Commons is highlighting increased funding that should lead to almost a doubling of home adaptations under Disabled Facilities Grants.

To help local authorities deliver in a timely manner, Closomat- Britain’s leading provider of disabled toilet solutions- has a unique package in its sector.

It means that, from one source, bathroom adaptations can be efficiently project managed, whilst being fully compliant with all appropriate Regulations, and then serviced and maintained.

No other shower (wash & dry) toilet manufacturer has the capability to offer, and deliver, such a full service.

In addition, the service extends beyond simply installation of an appropriate shower (wash & dry) toilet. Closomat can offer design advice, supply and install a raft of supplementary bathroom equipment, including ceiling track hoists, toilet lifters, height adjustable washbasins, shower seats, and even adult-sized changing benches and body driers.

“According to the latest briefing paper, DFG funding has increased from £157m in 2009/10 to £473 in 2017/18, with a further increase to £500m next year (2019/20),” says Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “The bathroom is the most frequent room to be adapted under a DFG, with the toilet being the most common alteration- after all, being able to go to the toilet is one of the qualifying DLAs (daily living activities) for social care.”

“Our breadth of service makes efficient execution of a bathroom adaptation much more easy for all involved in the process. We can work in partnership with the local authority team to give guidance on the most appropriate solution in terms of product and Regulations, survey, and supply the equipment. We have our own team of dedicated engineers to install, commission, and deliver ongoing servicing & maintenance if required, all I a timely manner. No other shower toilet manufacturer can deliver that degree of care.”

Closomat produces, in the UK, the brand leader and biggest seller in shower toilets, the Palma Vita. The company was the first to introduce the concept of shower toilets into the UK, almost 60 years ago. The Palma Vita is the only unit of its kind developed specifically for disabled people, and which can be accessorised- initially and retrospectively- to accommodate the user’s changing needs.

Details of Closomat product and service offerings can be found on its website the ‘go to’ resource for enabling intimate hygiene strategies. The resource hosts, for all involved in DFGs, ‘how it works’ video, CAD blocks, NBS specification clauses, white papers on appropriate selection, case studies, in addition to all product information.



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