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Foxgrove & Maynell House’s Rickshaw Adventures

Foxgrove and Maynell House care homes have been creating cherished memories for their residents with their bi-weekly rickshaw bike outings, courtesy of The Suffolk Rickshaw Co.

For the past few years, Ian from The Suffolk Rickshaw Co. and the team at both Foxgrove and Maynell House have provided residents with unforgettable adventures. Despite the changing seasons, Ian and the teams have remained steadfast, even braving the chilly December weather to treat residents to a mesmerising tour of the Felixstowe Christmas lights – adorned with warm fleecy blankets!

The rickshaw rides have become a highlight for residents, offering them the opportunity to explore the charming town of Felixstowe and soak in the breathtaking views along the coastal road. Whether it’s cruising through town or enjoying the serene beauty of Felixstowe’s coastline, residents have reveled in every moment of these outings, and making the most of the homes’ beautiful location.

One particularly cherished tradition is the annual outing to The Hut, a local seaside social centre, where Ian leads residents and their family members on a picturesque journey along the promenade. This allows the group to admire the splendid Spa gardens and the iconic blue flag beach. These outings not only foster a sense of community but also create lasting bonds among residents and their loved ones.

“We are incredibly thankful to partner with The Suffolk Rickshaw Co. to provide our residents with such lovely experiences,” said Leanne Greeves, Manager at Foxgrove and Maynell House. “Ian’s dedication and enjoyment for what he does has left a lasting impression on our residents, and it’s wonderful to see.”

Foxgrove and Maynell House remain committed to continuing their mission of spreading joy and making a positive impact in the lives of their residents. Through their ongoing efforts, such as those mentioned in this article, they aim to inspire others to get involved and create meaningful and lasting connections within their community.


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