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Dutch health minister praises ‘innovative’ London care home during state visit

A senior minister in the Dutch government has praised the North London care home for its ‘innovative’ technological approach to integrating adult social health and care services.

Conny Helder, the Dutch minister for Health, Welfare and Sport was visiting 20-bedroom care home, Rathmore House in Camden, along with Carsten Herstel, Director General of Long-Term Care, as part of a state trip to the UK to find out more about best practice in delivering adult social care.

Rathmore House is operated by Central and Cecil Housing Trust (C&C), a part of Aster Group, working closely with the North Central London Integrated Care Board (NCL ICB).

The home uses remote monitoring technology, including the ‘Whzan Blue Box’ early warning system which monitors residents’ vital signs and automatically notifies a wider team of geriatricians, clinicians, and care home staff of any concerning results or medical attention needed. All bedrooms at the home are also fitted with “Ally” motion sensors that help to detect and prevent falls. These checks enable a more direct, holistic approach to monitoring and responding to residents’ care needs.

Alongside this, the site uses ‘Silver Triage’, a connected triaging system which enables geriatricians to remotely advise and guide paramedics when assessing older patients, reducing the frequency of unnecessary displacement and hospital visits for residents. Implementing the system at Rathmore House has reduced the proportion of ambulance callouts that result in a hospital visit from 75% to just 20%.

Conny Helder, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport for the Netherlands, said: “It was wonderful to visit Rathmore House and find out more about the way adult care and health services are delivered in London.

“I am particularly impressed by the integration of these services – by bringing together different health and care partners with a shared vision and innovative way of working, it is clear how the system improves the lives of residents and creates efficiencies.”

Sharon Bye, Director of Care for C&C and Aster Group, said: “It was a pleasure welcoming the Minister to Rathmore House to demonstrate the ways in which we are using technology for the benefit of our residents’ everyday care. We hope we have inspired our visitors and that care services in the Netherlands can benefit as a result.”

Phill Wells, CEO of the North Central London Integrated Care Board, said: “We are incredibly proud of how Rathmore House and other partners across North Central London have adopted new innovations to support their residents.

“Through technologies like remote and fall monitoring systems, and new pathways like Silver Triage, we deliver world leading care across the health and care network and improve the experience and health outcomes of our residents. I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to share this work with Conny Helder and her colleagues.”

Alongside methods of patient care, the Care Board showcased initiatives in place to support the workforce. This includes the Wellbeing Bus – a mobile service which travels to different care homes and provides health checks for front-line workers who may not otherwise have time to visit the GP or prioritise their own health and wellbeing.

Chris Caldwell, Chief Nursing Officer at the North Central London Integrated Care Board, said: “The Wellbeing Bus travels to different care homes and provides health checks for staff who may not otherwise have time to visit the GP or prioritise their own health and wellbeing.

“The bus is yet another example of how the Integrated Care System in North Central London is leading the way to ensure that our workforce stay healthy, feel valued, and are able to provide the best possible care to home residents.”


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