Charity Successfully Helps Over 330 Older People Living in financial hardship

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of its supporters, charity, Friends of the Elderly, has raised a staggering £18,084 through its Winter Appeal – every penny of which goes towards providing grants to help older people who are living in financial hardship.

“The cold and isolating winter months have been challenging for many older people, but thanks to the kindness of all those who donated, we have been able to help many older people who were struggling. It’s wonderful to hear that since receiving help, 81% of our grant recipients told us they feel less stressed and anxious,” said Miriam Willmott, Friends of the Elderly’s Senior Grants Officer.

One grant recipient was 73-year-old Melissa* who lives alone and was struggling with two windows in her house that were causing a bitterly cold draught. “My windows were starting to deteriorate and were rotting…the condensation constantly forming on these single glazed windows, was creating damp throughout the frames and resulting in black mould,” said Melissa.

Melissa was not just worried about her rising heating costs, but she was also very concerned about the effect of the damp and cold on her health and wellbeing. “I was concerned about draughts, owing to lung challenges, since a lung operation I had last year,” Melissa continued.

Friends of the Elderly provided a grant of £400 to help Melissa pay for two new windows in her home which are sturdy and double glazed. “The grant has made me feel relaxed and secure in my home. I am no longer worried about when the windows are going to fall out completely – the windows I have now are strong and they will see out the rest of my life,” added Melissa.

Helping older people like Melissa is the focus of our Winter Appeal. Our appeals are tremendously important and vitally imperative as they allow us to support and help many older people and make positive changes, not only to their physical and mental wellbeing, but also to their everyday lives, especially through the dark, damp, cold winter months,” added Mark Wilson, Friends of the Elderly’s Chief Operating Officer.

“Of the 330 grants we awarded to recipients this winter, we were able to help 29 older people have a warm bed so they didn’t have to sleep on the floor or without a duvet,” continued Miriam. “We also supported 94 people with heating costs to keep them warm and funded 16 repairs to provide people with a safe and insulated home. We also provided financial help to fix broken boilers and new carpets for insulation.”

“I am delighted with my new substantial double glazed windows…the grant was a Godsend. I could not have afforded to replace the windows myself,” added Melissa.

“Friends of the Elderly would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated and helped improve the lives of a number of older people this winter.,” concluded Miriam.



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