Can you really keep your pet when you need long-term care?

For many people, there’s much more to consider when it comes to arranging care and deciding which type of care is best.

Whilst personal, medical and physical needs are top priority, many people may find themselves worrying over what will happen to their beloved family pets should they need support or care at home.

Unfortunately, some care settings such as nursing homes and residential care homes don’t allow residents to keep their pets. However, leading community care provider Radis Community Care offers various services so individuals who receive care don’t need to give up their pets.

As well as the difficult decision of sourcing care for themselves, people shouldn’t have the added stress of arranging care for their pets too, or having to rehome them altogether – this is the reality for many, but it doesn’t have to be.

Radis Community Care offers visiting care services, live-in care services, extra care services and supported living services, and the majority of the services across England and Wales will enable clients and their pets to stay together.

Ellen Phillips, Service Manager at Radis Community Care says, “We understand the importance of clients being able to keep their pets. For some, they may not have any friends or family nearby and pets can help to combat loneliness, provide comfort and be somewhat of a lifeline.

“We do what we can to keep pets and their owners together as long as the proper process and procedures are followed.

“Our clients are delighted that they don’t have to find alternative care for their pets and to have support feeding, walking and caring for their pets when needed.”

One client in particular, is a recipient of Radis’ live-in care services due to age-related mobility issues, and remains at her home with her beloved dog, Kes.

Janet Parker said, “My dear friend Kes is my shadow and my fifth leg. I can’t see myself anywhere else but at home with him, supported by my live-in carer to keep our independence and our normal life. I’m so pleased that I have a live in carer enabling me to stay at home with Kes.”

Whether a client receives live in care, visiting care or lives in an extra care service, the Radis team are on hand to offer extra services, such as dog walking and pet sitting.

As well as acting as a companion and a huge source of comfort, some pets follow a commissioned care plan to help with support the emotional and physical needs of a client.

For further information on Radis Community Care and the services it provides, or if you want to enquire about keeping your pet whilst receiving long-term care, please call 0330 100 8150 or email


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