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New digital activity resource featuring vintage TV ads

An advertising archive charity is offering a new digital reminiscence activity resource featuring vintage TV ads – a perfect app for use in care organisations.

Packed with memorable 1950s & 60s TV and print ads from Norfolk based History of Advertising Trust (HAT) archive, and encouraging smiles and laughter all round, this new app Ad-Memoire is designed to stimulate happy memories for residents to share. Geared to make life easier for carers and fun to use, it is ‘ready to go’ available on Apple and Android devices for streaming via laptop, tablet or smartphone for 1-2-1 or share on large screens via HDMI, Chromecast or Apple TV for group sessions.

Developed in consultation with the University of East Anglia innovation teams and advised by the UEA’s School of Health Scientists, Ad-Memoire is proving popular as part of a regular activity programme in care homes and, particularly given the current COVID-19 lockdown, is a great new resource that can be downloaded easily for immediate use. The on-screen conversation prompts, accompanying quizzes (including answers!) and activity sheets help make life so much easier for busy carers and activity leaders.

Dr Sarah Housden, Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences, Deputy Director for Innovation and CPD School of Health Sciences at the University of East Anglia said:

“I recommend this resource as a great way of stimulating purposeful interactions between older people of all abilities, as well as across generations. With Ad-Memoire, HAT provides a focus and support for person-centred interactions which draw upon group and individual memories. Short clips of selected film in combination with related ideas for quizzes and conversation starters can be used to generate discussions which will engage older people and value their lifelong experiences. Through experiencing it together, younger family members, friends and carers can be supported to better understand individuals.”

HAT have also consulted with the National Activity Providers Associations (NAPA) to compile the activities. NAPA Director, Jennifer Dudley said:

“NAPA is delighted to be working with HAT. Research suggests participating in meaningful social activities enhances brain health, lowers the risk of high blood pressure and even lowers the risk of dementia.”

Ad-Memoire is also undergoing special trials in more acute 1 to 1 settings on wards at the Norfolk & Norwich NHS Trust hospital.

Liz Yaxley, Head of Dementia Services, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital said:

“The Dementia Support Team at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital thoroughly enjoy using Ad-Memoire with our patients who are living with Dementia. Watching old TV adverts together is a great conversation starter, engaging and fun.  It is wonderful to see happy memories and laughter replacing worries or discomfort and how empowering it can be for our patients.  In the words of one member of staff “Patients can feel proud they have educated you. I love that feeling”.

We use the app on portable tablets making it easy to use by the bedside and fully cleanable which is ideal in an acute hospital environment.”

The Ad-Memoire app includes:

  • Themed reels of TV ads including Motoring, Toys & Games, Sweets & Chocolates, Cooking, Oxo- Life with Katie, Breakfast, Ice-cream & Lollies and Housekeeping with memorable catchy slogans and jingles.
  • Ads of the Month: Updated each month, specially selected ads offering on-screen conversation prompts and downloadable fun advert and brand based quizzes, activities and colourful print ads.
  • Brand Bingo: Updated each month, Brand Bingo provides a weekly activity based on the popular, classic game but featuring on-screen images of colourful print ads instead of numbers.

HAT is currently offering a FREE MONTH’S TRIAL.

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