New Age Care Planning

Isues around data security, confidentiality, and privacy are today under greater focus than ever before. Without wanting to mention it, the UK-wide concentrate around the latest regulation that “GDPR” compliance brings. Everyone is likely to be making changes to the way they manage data in preparation for the new regulation coming in to force May 25th, 2018.

The widespread and fundamental use of data for many different tasks completed within a care home, however, make data security, confidentiality, and privacy increasingly crucial requirements.

In this respect, it is essential to pay attention to your current service providers and ensure that they are complying to the specific uses of your data and the relevant laws.

At CareDocs, we’ve been working hard to remove as much of the burden as we can for our users. Our solution helps care providers to move closer to compliance against new regulations, enabling carers to focus energy on what’s most important – providing high-quality care with the confidence that data is being managed safely, securely and legally.

Technological advances, such as smart mobile devices, and platforms, such as cloud systems is bringing a more intelligent and connected way of keeping and using records to the healthcare sector. It is now possible to capture, process, share, and use vast amounts of data from anywhere, at any time, thus embracing the advances within the sector for an Integrated Care Pathway

At CareDocs we abide by efficient privacy-preserving protocols to assure the complete and secure confidentiality of data storage, including essential end user driven data back-ups, and with our imminent launch of CareDocs Cloud, we are excited at the prospect of working with care homes both new and existing to help them realise the benefits of being able to provide “Smart Care, Anywhere”

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