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With a background in care Sophie joined the Hilton Nursing team after working for a day and night shifts at a specialist Huntington’s disease care home. With a passion for ensuring her patients lead a high quality of life, living live to the full, her person centred approach was a natural fit with Hilton Nursing Partners.

“When I saw a vacancy at Hilton and read the values and services it offers I couldn’t believe it and thought it was too good to be true.  I did my research, checked out their website and Google reviews and just thought to myself, WOW, this is it, this is the job for me, a company with values after my own heart.

“I care very much for others, I don’t feel right or complete if I can’t help someone, it is in my make-up. I’m quite an emotional person because I get very passionate about what I do.

“I strive to make things better, which is why after careful planning, myself and my husband had a bungalow built at the bottom of our garden to accommodate my brother who has schizophrenia, my mother who is partially disabled on her left side from a stroke, and my father who has PTSD from being +6in a war which is then made worse due to also having had a stroke.

“I know we’re not all made this way, but if we could be I am sure most of us would want the best for everyone and strive for that.

“Working in care isn’t just about making sure I get through my duties as quickly as possible. It’s about connecting with the people, it’s a human business where understanding and compassion can make all the difference to an individual’s quality of life. Only the other day I was making cheesecakes and doing the gardening with my patients, and why not! It’s important to me that my patient’s should continue to do the things they love.

“I am sharing this because I want to give you something to read and mull over. I’m not trying to set a trend or standard, I am simply sharing my own personal view of how one can work in social care, and with Hilton Nursing Partners, and own it in your own unique way using your own judgement, creativity and Hilton Values, as well as that all important, person centred care.

Rated “Outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Hilton Nursing Partners works with the NHS and Social Care Commissioners to successfully deliver safe, timely and supportive hospital discharges, patient assessments and patient recovery programmes via nurses, therapists and nurse led personal nursing assistants with a proven track record in freeing hospital beds, as well as reducing re-admissions and on-going social services support.


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