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Hilton Nursing Partners launch negotiated module for non-registered health and social care workers

Hilton Nursing Partners collaborates with Canterbury Christ Church University to launch negotiated module for non-registered health and social care workers

Hilton Nursing Partners have recently launched its Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) negotiated module titled Assessment of Care Needs and Supporting Decision Making, the first course in the UK aimed at developing non-registered health and social care workers skills in assessment of care needs.

Currently a pilot available to Hilton Nursing Partners’ non-registered assessors, the course focuses on a strength-based approach and working in partnership with the patient, their representatives and other professionals to create a plan of care individualised to each patient’s unique needs and wishes.

The course was developed when Hilton Nursing Partners identified that there were no existing courses available for non-registered health and social care workers for assessment of care needs. After approaching CCCU and presenting the proposed course content, a negotiated module was established.

The module builds on the 3-day Assessor Training course created by Hilton Nursing Partners’ Learning & Development Team – accredited by the Royal College of Nursing and CPD Standards Office. It incorporates the 17 hours of teaching within the 3-day course, before students complete a Work Place Evidence Tool and a written assignment. Hilton designed the competencies and assignment titles which ensured that they are linked to the assessor role and responsibilities within Hilton’s team. When complete, the two pieces of work are submitted by the students to CCCU for marking. The assignments can be marked at level 4, 5, 6 or 7 depending on the previous qualification level of the student.

The evaluation of the pilot will include measuring quality of assessments, the confidence of assessors, experience of the patients being assessed and feedback from the people who receive Hilton’s assessments to identify further areas for development.

Gemma Tonkinsmith, Learning and Development and Employee Engagement Lead at Hilton Nursing Partners, comments, “We are delighted to be working with CCCU to launch our new negotiated module, the first of its kind in the UK! At Hilton we are passionate about developing and supporting our team with training, as we look to excel with Trusted Assessor frameworks in the future. If it is agreed for another cohort to undertake the CCCU module, we will include a shadowing element for assessors to spend time with other professionals in the assessment process e.g. Kent Enablement at Home, which will further enhance Hilton’s commitment to integrated working. Wishing our four pilot students the best of luck, for their submission date of 12th June 2018!”




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