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Helping learners start their journey in care

iHASCO have created a complete eLearning package to cover the “theory” for those who are working towards their care certificate, with 15 separate, concise and engaging courses. This online training plays a vital role in helping anyone who is starting out in the care sector – to learn about the 15 standards of care. They also provide a great refresher for experienced workers, because it’s vital that everyone who works in this industry provides top quality care.

It has taken the eLearning provider 8 months to complete the full 15 courses, with the production of the programmes requiring 10 locations, 25 actors and 45 extras. The high quality footage and carefully written scripts have been designed to communicate the key learning points simply and effectively.

iHASCO are also a Skills for Care Endorsed Learning and Development Provider, so users can have confidence in the content and quality of these courses. The 15 courses can be completed online, in under 8 hours, but at the learners own pace and convenience. Some of the key courses include Duty of Care, Fluids & Nutrition, Basic Life Support and Infection Prevention & Control.

“Now we’ve added the last of the needed courses to our 15-part bundle, we can proudly offer the complete eLearning package for those in the health and social care sector, who are working towards completing their Care Certificate.” Says Lottie Galvin, Studio Manager at iHASCO.

“We completely understand that the current climate is throwing so many challenges at those who work in the care industry, and that training may not feel like a priority at this time. But eLearning is a simple and time-efficient solution that can strengthen a worker’s confidence and competence, whilst making sure that their training stays up-to-date.”

An employer can offer their staff access to all 15 courses for as little as £2 per course, per person. iHASCO are encouraging employers requiring health and social care training to get in touch to discuss how they can be supported with eLearning.

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