Getting the culture right

Care workers L-R Fay Callagan & Sarah Goodman

It’s not rocket science that people will stay where they feel happy and valued.  Having a great culture within a company is crucial if you wish to have happy, productive staff and keep them.

Earlier in the year Caremark launched its nationwide internal culture campaign, aimed at bringing a real sense of belonging, pride and teamwork into every staff member’s working life.

The campaign has been many months in the planning and making, involving different members of staff from across the network. Views were canvassed as to what the brand meant to them, which gave good insight into what the campaign needed to encapsulate, what it needed to say and how it needed to look.   With powerful messages seeded throughout the campaign literature, designed to inspire and uplift, the campaign ultimately revolves around the key strapline: Creating the Mark of Excellent Care one team, one goal.

Mary Wardell, PR & Marketing commented: “It is well known that a company’s culture can make the difference in driving staff recruitment, satisfaction and loyalty.  Keeping staff feeling valued, enthusiastic and proud of the brand they represent sits at the heart of a company’s culture.

“Our message to all our franchisees and their staff is all about:

  • who we are
  • what we have achieved as a brand over the last 13 years
  • the importance of our shared values
  • our unified vision of working together to become the number 1 home care provider in the UK
  • being the go-to care provider of choice and the company where people want to work.

“We feel this sets us apart as an innovative, forward thinking organisation, placing great emphasis on its internal culture and the wellbeing of its staff.”

Our care workers are our ‘ground ambassadors’, wearing the branded uniform each day and being the face of the company with each call they make. For them to feel valued, supported and have a real sense of job satisfaction, it’s important they feel part of the bigger picture and part of the ‘bigger Caremark family’.

Mary continued: “So we feel it is vital that our brand values and messages are understood and embraced by each and every one of us, from our CEO right through our organisation and most importantly to our amazing care workers – all 5,000 plus of them, wherever they are in our UK network.

“If they love what they do and feel part of everything, then the chances are they will stay with us longer and a greater sense of loyalty and team collaboration will be built.  It’s all about feeling proud and confident to be part of the brand.

“Happy staff will ultimately deliver a great service to our clients and promote a positive image of the company and the brand.

“To achieve this, we need to ensure every single member of Caremark, across all our UK offices, feels part of one team, with one goal.”

Every single member of staff received the all-important Culture Book, detailing the Caremark story from the beginning up to today,  giving them a clear view of the size of the company but also how each is part of the ‘Caremark family’.

Care worker Sarah Goodman from Caremark (Osmund Court) said: “When I realised I was part of a huge group of people, I liked the idea.  I think the Culture Book is great!  It’s really interesting and full of facts which I didn’t know.

“I really like the idea of us being one large family, all working hard together as a team.  It’s amazing to think there are so many of us out there all doing the same thing.”

Getting the culture right therefore is the first step to building a really successful business, with loyal, satisfied staff and a strong and memorable brand.





Edel Harris





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