Experience the ultimate in toilet hygiene

Which is more hygienic, and effective for a client- to wipe with a sheet of tissue, or wash?

Closomat’s range of shower toilets deliver the ultimate in hygiene, utilising expertise garnered throughout the company’s 55 year history. Each model delivers the most efficient wash performance available.

Washing is followed by warm air drying- not something found in every shower toilet. The combination means that the user can go to the toilet, knowing they finish, being as clean as possible. And the latest model, the Asana, brings additional benefits in terms of wellbeing and health benefits.

Users can, with each use, choose from a selection of douche options- rotating, pulsating, varying temperature- or have all variants! The rotating douche options ensures a wider spray area for larger derrieres, pulsating can help stimulate bladder and bowel movement, whilst the temperature variation helps ensure an effective yet comfortable clean.

Closomat shower toilets also offer the most effective drying available in the sector. It means users’ skin is gently but thoroughly dried with warm air, avoiding any dampness or abrasion, even in the deepest folds.

“It is logical that washing and drying is more effective and hygienic than wiping with a bit of paper- whether it is dry or damp,” observes Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “But the hygiene element extends beyond the cleanliness of one’s bottom. It addresses the hygiene issues of possible urinary or faecal contamination of hands or clothing.

“The wash and dry functions have psychological benefits too: clients consistently report they not only feel clean, but there’s the positive impact on their mental health of having independence and dignity: they can use the toilet without having to rely on someone to wipe them clean. What is more, our toilets would not look out of place in even the most stylish contemporary bathroom.

Closomat was the first company in the UK to introduce shower toilets. It is now the brand leader, and manufactures the biggest-selling WC of the kind, the Palma Vita. Uniquely, it is the only shower toilet company based in Britain, with British manufacture and full customer support before, during and after sales. Its uniqueness extends further: it is the only company in the sector to have its own, dedicated, nationwide team of service engineers, to commission every unit and deliver timely rectification of any issues( subject to the appropriate service agreement).

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