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Workplace arrives at Jewish Care

Ellisa Estrin, Director of Marketing, Communications and Customer Engagement, Jewish Care

Jewish Care has launched Workplace by Facebook for its 1,300 strong staff team to use on an ongoing basis, improving and expanding internal communications within the organisation.

Workplace inspires all levels of the company to embrace digital and mobile, and adopt a culture of speed and transparency.

The rollout of the new digital, online and mobile platform allows staff to communicate and collaborate easily with each other within their teams and across the organisation. It will also allow Jewish Care to communicate easily with staff who do not receive news and updates via email. This means that no one in the organisation will be left without a means of communication with the wider organisation.

As one of the largest charities in the UK Jewish community to pilot the use of Workplace, Jewish Care have successfully implemented it’s use across a number of teams, departments and locations throughout London and the South East.

Establishing Workplace as the new internal communications tool for Jewish Care staff has also involved developing several supporting systems and documents. For example, we have developed user guides which include ‘do’s and don’ts’ for staff to follow. These guidelines were mailed to all staff to ensure that even those without email were informed and supported in using the new tool.

As part of the rollout, we have also implemented a ‘Guru’ system, meaning that there is a team of in-house, trained experts that are always on hand to help with any difficulties experienced by staff in either signing up to or using Workplace. In addition, we have also devised a series of workshops that are run at all of our services by one of our Gurus, showing staff, step-by-step, how to use and make the most of Workplace.

By implementing these supportive measures, we aim to empower staff at all levels to use Workplace and share content. Many have already begun to use the platform to promote events happening across Jewish Care and update the wider work-force with news and reports of changes, additions, work-anniversaries and much more.

Jewish Care are proud of this new and innovative digital tool and will continue to actively seek ways to use it to listen to and engage with staff on the frontline.

We have already seen a huge rise in staff engagement since launching Workplace with over a third of staff signing up to it in the first weeks of its launch. People have begun to collaborate with each other online in a way they could not have done before; sharing ideas across departments and in online groups.

There are now groups set up for working parents, health and safety updates and policies and for staff members supporting an older relative with care needs. Staff have even begun to share traffic updates in groups set up for people coming in to work from the same area.

Our large workforce has suddenly begun to feel smaller, closer and more collaborative, and we hope that this will only continue as we all become regular Workplace users.

Jewish Care aspire to be leaders of innovation in social care and using Workplace to interact with all of our staff from the CEO to our frontline carers is a step towards fostering an even more inclusive and communicative environment.


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