Championing Social Care Is Making Care Accessible

Purple and CareTech Charitable Foundation are supporting Championing Social Care to promote disability accessibility in Social Care.

Would you like more enquiries? Would you like to hire from a wider talent pool? If the answer is yes, start with your digital content.

Making a few simple changes can reap huge benefits.

Getting you started here are some top tips on creating accessible digital content:

Did you know that when using hashtags on social media, if you capitalise the first letter of each word it’s easier to read? For example instead of #disabilityinclusion, display this as #DisabilityInclusion

Do you ignore Alt Text when adding a picture? Whether on or offline there should usually be the option to add a descriptive alternative text to the image. This will help those who use screen readers to know what the image displays. If the image is decorative only, Alt tags can be applied as an alternative.

When adding hyperlinks to a document or webpage, instead of writing ‘click here’ or just passing the link, set the hyperlink as contextual words, such ‘Learn about Purple Tuesday’.

Blocks of text can be difficult for some users to read and take in. Using bullet points or a numbers list can help break this down for the user and also make it much quicker to understand the context of the text.

Some of the colours and patterns you use together may not be easily distinguishable to many people.  Approximately 300 million people worldwide have colour blindness.

Colour combinations to avoid: red & green / green & brown / green & blue / blue & grey / blue & purple / green & grey / green & black. If unsure print documents and web pages in grey scale to see how strong the contrast is.

Video content is the most rich for online social reach, which means ensuring your video content is accessible is extremely important, and for deaf people, it is crucial. Recent studies have shown that 80% of all online users are more likely to watch a video with the sound turned off and subtitles/ captions turned on.

  • Add clear subtitles/ captions to all video content
  • Ensure the text added to videos is clear to read throughout the video. This can be done by using contrasting colours.
  • Consider adding audio description if applicable.

Mike Adams CEO Purple says: “With more awareness and attention to accessibility the sector’s recruitment and retention woes could be a thing of the past, also a healthy rise in enquiries is likely to be noticeable as care becomes more inclusive to how people like and prefer to access services.”

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