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Carer Mobile App provides COVID-19 guidance to carers

As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase, CareLineLive are using their Carer Mobile App to help their customers’ carers and clients stay as safe as possible, minimising the spread of the virus.

CareLineLive’s has quickly developed a software update for their customers including quick reference information about COVID-19 and useful hygiene prompts for carers.   On check-in and at check-out of each visit, via the app, carers are prompted to wash their hands and wear gloves, if appropriate, and clean surfaces. During visits reminders are given about hand washing, avoidance of touching their face and coughing/sneezing into a tissue.

The CareLineLive Carer Mobile App also provides details about who’s at risk, key symptoms to look out for, guidance on what to do if they recognise any symptoms and links to Public Health England and the NHS for more information.

“During this outbreak, we intend to help our customers who work with the vulnerable as much as possible. The inclusion of prevention measures such as hygiene prompts and information about the COVID-19 in our Carer Mobile App is one of the ways we can do this. Being agile in developing our software has always been important to CareLineLive, to ensure that we continually meet the needs of our customers and their clients” said Dec Norton, Director of Development.

With CareLineLive, carers have more time to care, instead of complicated MAR charts, the Carer App communicates medication information, in real time, through eMAR “It’s easy to use. It’s a good way of getting information and having notes about the medication” remarked Sharon, a carer based in Brighton. Additionally, call monitoring tells providers where carers are and when they have completed their visits.

CareLineLive’s total home care management system helps home care agencies become more efficient by digitising their workflows such as invoicing and payroll. Care management and rostering is made easier as all information is centralised and easily accessible through the Carer Mobile App.

Completing the circle of care, CareLineLive makes sure there is effective communication between a home care agency and their clients’ family with their Family & Friends Portal that keeps family members up to

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