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CareLineLive partners with Hastee to offer ‘earnings on demand’ for carers working in home care agencies

CareLineLive are committed to supporting the home care sector during this challenging time and are helping agencies to operate as effectively as possible. CareLineLive is a total home care management system that digitises all of an agency’s workflows. As a result, this increases staff productivity and capacity, improves compliance with the CQC and enables higher quality care provision.

The home care software digitises client and carer rostering, real-time visit monitoring, task management and eMAR, invoicing and payroll automation. With CareLineLive’s Family & Friends portal, families are kept up to date with access to visit schedules and updates 24/7, providing peace of mind. Being a cloud-hosted SaaS, provided via a Care Management platform, Carer Companion Mobile app and Friends & Family Portal, home care managers can use CareLineLive anywhere there is an internet connection.

CareLineLive are delighted to partner with Hastee, an award-winning earnings on demand platform, to enable workers to receive a portion of their earned pay immediately. Hastee provides a smart and efficient way for employees to manage their finances. Using the Hastee app, employees can access their earned wages as soon as they need them, instead of waiting for pay day, using money they have already earned, not borrowed. The crucial difference.

What’s more, both CareLineLive and Hastee are supporting new customers by offering their services for free during COVID-19. CareLineLive are offering new customers the first 4 months free* when they sign up to CareLineLive. And for those new customers that sign up to Hastee at the same time or CareLineLive’s current customers, they can all benefit from Hastee’s exclusive promotion of all transaction fees being waived for 4 months*.

“Partnering with Hastee for CareLineLive’s customers was a no-brainer, as it can offer multiple benefits to both a home care agency and its staff. Giving care workers the opportunity to withdraw some of the money they have already earnt, before official pay day, offers employees more flexibility and security, which like CareLineLive can help increase their job satisfaction” commented Josh Hough, MD of CareLineLive.

Additionally, Hastee can help reduce staff turnover by up to 54% as those who are offered flexible payment options are more likley to stay with their current employer. The cost of Hastee to a home care agency is zero, each month an employees’ first withdrawal, up to £100, is free of fees. Beyond that, there is a simple, transparent 2.5% transaction fee to the employee. The way that Hastee works is simple – it funds the advances employees receive and the employer pays Hastee on their normal payday.

Working with Hastee, CareLineLive can offer home care agencies a complete solution that not only benefits their carers but also improves efficiency, productivity and helps complete the ‘Circle of Care’ allowing effective communication between an agency, carers, the client and their family and friends.


* Click here for full Terms & Conditions

CareLineLive ‘First Four Months Free’

Offer available on a minimum monthly subscription of £150 and a maximum of 50 carers, minimum contract term applies. Offer available until 30th June 2020 and inclusive of remote onboarding. On-site onboarding and training available at an additional cost.

Hastee – 4 Month ‘Free of Fees’

Closing date for new customers signing up to Hastee is 31st July 2020

After the 4 months ‘Free of Fees’ period, the cost of Hastee to a home care agency remains zero.
At the end of the ‘Free of Fees’ period, each month an employees’ first withdrawal, up to £100, remains free of fees. Beyond that, there is a simple, transparent 2.5% transaction fee to the employee. For more nformation about Hastee, please head to

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