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Borough Care Launches New Fitness Programme

Older persons care provider, Borough Care, is launching a new fitness programme for residents and staff, which it will be rolling out across its Stockport care homes.  SMILE – Simple Movements Improve Life Every Day – is a new low impact and gentle exercise concept developed by Life Leisure.  Life Leisure is a social enterprise company providing leisure and recreational services in Stockport.

The SMILE programme is designed to offer a fun and engaging way to deliver adaptable exercise for older people, to help improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing.  Borough Care staff will receive training from Life Leisure’s SMILE crew so they can begin to deliver SMILE in their care homes, as part of the regular activity programmes.

Commenting on SMILE, Valerie Egan, Head of Care at Borough Care, says: “This kind of regular activity is proven to reduce the risk of falls, as residents become stronger and more confident when mobilising.  This in turn gives them back more independence.  SMILE also lives up to its name, as there were lots of laughs and big grins at the launch as residents sang, moved and socialised in a lively environment.”

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